Sabin faces off against Vargas, his rival, in Final Fantasy VI.

Main Walkthrough

Sabin is a martial artist of great skill, and his aptitude for combat is reflected in his Blitzes. A special ability, the Blitz command allows the player to input a series of button presses, similar to executing moves in a fighting game. If the player enters the correct inputs Sabin will execute a Blitz on the enemy.

There's a specific process for inputting a Blitz:
  • Press the confirm button on the Blitz command (usually the A button on consoles)
  • Input the Blitz sequence
  • Press the confirm button again
If the Blitz is inputted correctly Sabin will use it immediately. If the Blitz is inputted incorrectly Sabin will step out and waste his turn. You can press then cancel button (usually the B button on consoles) to cancel the Blitz and try again, if you know you hit the wrong inputs. The buttons you need to hit for each Blitz vary from system to system, and if you're playing the Mobile or PC versions you'll see the inputs at the top of the screen.

Many Blitzes require diagonal inputs. In most cases you can instead double-tap the previous button, which is a bit easier than rolling your finger across the directional buttons. Practice both methods and see which works better for you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Blitzes:
  • Sabin learns more Blitzes as he levels up. Even if you know the input for a specific Blitz, you can't use it until Sabin reaches that level.
  • Sabin can't aim his Blitzes at specific enemies. If you're fighting more than one enemy the game will choose Sabin's target at random.
  • Blitzes draw on Sabin's Magic stat, not his Strength stat. Boosting his Magic via Magicite bonuses and relics will make his Blitzes more powerful.
  • Blitzes aren't time-dependent. As long as you enter the proper Blitz sequence you'll trigger the Blitz, regardless of how long it takes.
Sabin uses the Raging Fist Blitz in Final Fantasy VI.

Raging Fist (Pummel)

Level Learned: Default Blitz
  • All:  🡨 🡪 🡨
Inflicts heavy physical damage on a single target, ignoring Defense. A good, simple, early Blitz that you'll use for the first few hours of Final Fantasy VI. More useful against bosses, since you can't choose Sabin's target.

Sabin uses the Aura Cannon Blitz in Final Fantasy VI.

Aura Cannon (AuraBolt)

Level Learned: Default Blitz
  • All:  🡫 🡯 🡨  or
  • All:  🡫 🡫 🡨
Inflicts Holy damage on a single target. A strong attack before you gain access to magic, and useful whenever you meet an enemy weak to Holy, given how long it takes to gain any other Holy spells. Once you learn the Holy spell itself, from the Alexander Magicite, Aura Cannon is rendered largely useless.

Sabin uses the Meteor Strike Blitz in Final Fantasy VI.

Meteor Strike (Suplex)

Level Learned: 10
  • SNES:  X  Y  🡫 🡩
  • PSX:  ▲ ■ 🡫 🡩
  • GBA:  R  L 🡫 🡩
  • Mobile / PC:  🡭 🡬 🡫 🡩
Inflicts physical damage on a single enemy. More powerful than Raging Fist, but a bit more difficult to execute - and it doesn't work on flying enemies. Save Meteor Strike for boss battles, as it's weaker when there are more enemies on the screen.

Sabin uses the Rising Phoenix Blitz in Final Fantasy VI.

Rising Phoenix (Fire Dance)

Level Learned: 15
  • All:  🡨 🡯 🡫 🡮 🡪  or
  • All:  🡨 🡨 🡫 🡪 🡪
Inflicts Fire damage on all enemies. A good move for sweeping out groups of enemies, and a better choice than the Fire spell early in the game. Once you move on to Fira you may find Rising Phoenix a little lacking.

Sabin uses the Chakra Blitz in Final Fantasy VI.

Chakra (Mantra)

Level Learned: 23
  • SNES:  R L R L X Y
  • PSX:  R1 L1 R1 L1 ▲ ■
  • GBA:  R L R L 🡩 🡫
  • Mobile / PC:  🡭 🡬 🡮 🡯 🡫 🡩
Heals the rest of the party for an amount equal to Sabin's current HP, divided by the number of other party members. Also cures Poison, Darkness, Silence, and Sap. A good early to mid-game restorative option, though only if Sabin has lots of health. Likely won't be all that useful.

Sabin uses the Razor Gale Blitz in Final Fantasy VI.

Razor Gale (Air Blade)

Level Learned: 30
  • All:  🡩 🡭 🡪 🡮 🡫 🡯 🡨  or
  • All:  🡩 🡩 🡪 🡪 🡫 🡫 🡨
Inflicts Wind damage on all enemies. Wind spells are a bit rare and unpredictable for much of Final Fantasy VI, so this move should come in handy during the early phases of the World of Ruin.

Sabin uses the Soul Spiral Blitz in Final Fantasy VI.

Soul Spiral (Spiraler)

Level Learned: 42
  • SNES:  R L X Y 🡪 🡨
  • PS:  R1 L1 ▲ ■ 🡪 🡨
  • GBA:  R L 🡩 🡫 🡪 🡨
  • Mobile / PC:  🡭 🡬 🡩 🡫 🡪 🡨
Fully restores all HP and MP to other party members, and removes the majority of status ailments. Sabin is KOed, drained of MP, and removed from the battle. Only a good option in an absolute emergency. Otherwise, losing Sabin altogether is a poor choice.

Sabin uses the Phantom Rush Blitz in Final Fantasy VI.

Phantom Rush (Bum Rush)

Level Learned: 70 or visit Duncan in the World of Ruin; see below
  • All:  🡨 🡬 🡩 🡭 🡪 🡮 🡫 🡯 🡨  or
  • All:  🡨 🡨 🡩 🡩 🡪 🡪 🡫 🡫 🡨
Inflicts non-elemental damage to a single opponent. A powerful move against bosses, and an early option for Sabin to hit the 9,999 limit. Best saved for bosses, and sparingly - the number of button inputs increase the chances of something going wrong.

Normally Sabin learns Phantom Rush at level 70. You have an alternative teaching method, however, if you find Duncan, Sabin's mentor. His cabin is located to the northeast of Narshe, on the northern island of the World of Ruin. Look for a cross-shaped formation of trees, just south of a small cluster of mountains. Bring Sabin to Duncan to learn Phantom Rush, regardless of his level.