The End of Chrono Trigger.

Spoilers ahead. If you haven't played through Chrono Trigger yet you may want to hold off on this guide, as you need to beat the game once to get the majority of these endings anyway.

A large part of Chrono Trigger’s novelty lies in its multiple endings. On your first trip through the game you’re likely to get the ‘standard’ ending, but when you begin a New Game + you’ll have the equipment and the skills to bring down Lavos, the final boss, at virtually any point. This will open up the possibility of defeating Lavos at various points in the game, and depending on when you bring Lavos down, you may wind up with a different ending. This list covers the endings, and how you get to each one.

  • Via the bucket at the end of time. This will take you through the various phases of Lavos, mimicking previous bosses, leading up to the 'true' battle with the outer shell.
  • By flying the Epoch to 1999. You'll skip the battle against Lavos's outer shell, but you won't be allowed to save before you battle the second and third phases.
  • At the Ocean Palace. The first phase of this version of Lavos is stronger and faster than usual, and has more HP.
  • Via the Black Omen. You'll again have to fight the initial phases of Lavos that mimic other bosses.
  • Via a Gate on the right telepod at the Millennial Fair. This appears in New Game + only.
If you're playing the Steam version of Chrono Trigger you'll unlock achievements each time you earn an ending. The names of the achievements share the same names as the endings.

The bad ending in Chrono Trigger. Lavos wins.

0.) Bad Ending

Not listed. Lose to Lavos at any point, except during the battle in the Ocean Palace, to get this ending. What a downer. You'll receive a shorter version of this ending if you lose to the Dream Devourer on the PC, Mobile, or DS ports of Chrono Trigger.

The Beyond Time ending in Chrono Trigger.

1.) Beyond Time

The standard ending. Defeat Lavos at any point after the rise of the Ocean Palace. You need to save Crono to get this ending. You can view variations to this endings with the following actions:
A variation of Reunion, an ending to Chrono Trigger.

2.) Reunion

Defeat Lavos without saving Crono, after acquiring the flying version of the Wings of Time. Not collecting the Time Egg from Gaspar at the End of Time slightly changes this ending. Deciding to kill Magus rather than recruit him also changes this ending.

The Dream Project ending to Chrono Trigger. This ending grants you access to the game's Development Room..

3.) The Dream Project

Defeat Lavos by using the warp from the telepod at the beginning of the game. You must do this before going back in time to 600 AD, and thus you can only get it with a team of Crono and Marle... or just Crono. (It's not as difficult as it sounds, especially if you've gone through the Lost Sanctum / Dimensional Vortices.)

It's also possible to get this ending if you defeat Lavos in the Ocean Palace, when you're forced to battle the creature partway through the game. The first phase of Lavos is stronger and faster than normal. You're highly unlikely to defeat this form of Lavos until you're going through a New Game +, as Lavos usually KOs your entire party with its first move.

This ending allows you to speak to a ton of NPCs. To 'leave' the ending you need to speak to every NPC placed around the End of Time, including all the NPCs in the various light pillar rooms on the east side of the End of Time. A few of the trickier NPCs include:
  • The Poyozo Doll bouncing around the light pillars
  • The statue to the left of the light pillars - approach the edge of the fencing to hop over to it
  • The cat and the barrel in the northeast of the End of Time - walk off the edge of the Epoch's dock and go north to find them
  • The little animal that runs back and forth in the cave area (southern light pillar)
  • The sparkle by the dresser in the cave area (southern light pillar)
Speak to the Old Man again after checking with everyone and he'll open up Spekkio's room. Speak to five more NPCs to jump to the credits.

The Successor of Guardia ending in Chrono Trigger. Does this make Frog royalty?

4.) The Successor of Guardia

Defeat Lavos via the telepod Gate after returning from 600 AD but before you reach the End of Time. In essence, you need to defeat Lavos before returning Marle to Guardia Castle, as going back to the castle locks you into the Prison Towers dungeon sequence and will prevent you from returning to the Millennial Fair for a while. Crono and Marle need to fight Lavos alone, making this one of the more difficult endings to achieve.

The Good Night ending to Chrono Trigger. (If there's an ending you can skip, it's probably this one.)

5.) Good Night

Defeat Lavos before traveling to 600 AD and learning about Tata, the legendary hero of the age. You can collect this ending during your first trip to the End of Time, or just after you complete Heckran Cave and return to Guardia.

Tata, the hero, confronts 'Magus' in 600 AD. AKA The Legendary Hero ending of Chrono Trigger.

6.) The Legendary Hero

Defeat Lavos after learning about Tata but before defeating Masa & Mune and claiming the Hero’s Badge from Tata. You can trigger this ending by traveling to 600 AD once, then heading off to fight Lavos, though you can also do it just after beating Zenan Bridge. As long as you stay away from the Denadoro Mountains you should be safe.

A scene in The Unknown Past, an ending in Chrono Trigger.

7.) The Unknown Past

Defeat Lavos after receiving the Hero’s Badge but before the events of your first trip to 65,000,000 BC. You can still get this ending until the Gate Key is stolen by the Reptites, at which point you're stuck in 65,000,000 BC until you get it back. Speaking to Ayla in her hut and accepting her invitation to party is the cutoff point.

Ozzie, Slash, and Flea during the credits of People of the Times, an ending in Chrono Trigger.

8.) People of the Times

Defeat Lavos after returning from 65,000,000 BC but before you recruit Frog with the Masamune. Jump straight to Lavos after you zip back to the End of Time and this ending is a piece of cake.

Frog and Magus face off one last time in The Oath, an ending in Chrono Trigger.

9.) The Oath

Defeat Lavos after recruiting Frog, but before you raid the Fiendlord’s Keep and fight Magus. Head straight to the End of Time after handing over the Masamune and recruiting Frog. He'll have to be a party member for the battle against Lavos. (The Masamune won't be in its upgraded form, so Frog will probably be a little underpowered for this fight. He's best used as backup for your other two party members.)

The Dino Age ending in Chrono Trigger.

10.) Dino Age

Defeat Lavos after beating Magus, but before you raid the Tyranno Lair and fight Azala. If you track down Ayla at the Dactyl Nest before heading back to the End of Time she'll have to join the battle against Lavos.

The happier side of What the Prophet Seeks, an ending in Chrono Trigger.

11.) What the Prophet Seeks

Defeat Lavos once you have access to 12,000 BC, but before you make your way through the Ocean Palace. The only exception to this timeline is the next ending, which interrupts What the Prophet Seeks for a brief period of time.

Marle and Lucca evaluate the men of Chrono Trigger during the Memory Lane ending.

12.) Memory Lane

Defeat Lavos once you’ve seen Schala open the sealed door to the queen’s throne room in Zeal Palace, but before you charge up Marle’s Pendant via the Mammon Machine. You have a very small frame of time to collect this ending, as the Mammon Machine is one room away from where you spot Schala opening the door.

(Fun fact: This ending is the only time you'll ever see Crono's dialogue.)

The Dream's Epilogue ending in Chrono Trigger. This ending is only available if you're playing the PC, Mobile, or DS versions of the game.

13.) Dream’s Epilogue

Defeat the Dream Devourer. To fight the Dream Devourer you need to be playing on a New Game + / a completed file where you’ve beaten Lavos once, then finish the three Dimensional Vortices in 12,000 BC, 1000 AD, and 2300 AD. Speak to the Old Man at the End of Time, then check the bucket to travel to Time's Eclipse. The Dream Devourer is waiting. 

This ending is exclusive to the PC, Mobile, and DS ports of Chrono Trigger.