Part 46: Streets of Madness

Main Walkthrough

Following the battle against Ultima - and all the craziness that followed - Clive will wind up, one last time back in the Hideaway. Trek over to the Mess and report in to Otto, which will bring the whole crew together to hear Clive's story. Everyone will split up again after the cut scene, with no answers to their problems.

Head to the Boarding Deck and speak to Joshua, which leads to a lengthy cut scene. Once that is done, head to Clive's Chambers and check on the balcony near his Reading Desk. Jill is standing out here, and she'll another scene with Clive.

Speaking to Jill will trigger the end game of Final Fantasy XVI. If you check the world map a marker will appear for Origin, the enormous crystal where you're meant to face off against Ultima. This also triggers the last of the game's side content, and since going to Origin is a one-way trip you might want to get all of this stuff out of the way. There's a lot.

And that... is... more or less that. You've reached the end of the road, and once you head off for Origin you'll be taking on the last area of Final Fantasy XVI. Beating the game will unlock a New Game Plus, and anything you want to carry over to that save file should be found now, before you go after Ultima.

Got everything you wanted? Then let's do this.

Part 48: Of Gods and Men

Main Walkthrough