Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Joshua
Unlocked: Complete Phoenix, Heal Thyself and begin Back to Their Origin
Reward: The Founder's Grasp, Rusted Battlehelm, 40 Renown

There are two prerequisites you need to fulfil to begin this side quest:

  • First, you need to complete Phoenix, Heal Thyself, a side quest from earlier in the game.
  • Second, you need to progress through Back to Their Origin, one of the final main quests in the game. It will have you speak to several NPCs in the Hideaway. Once you're done talking with Jill a bunch of new side quests will pop up, including Where There's a Will.

The petitioner for this side quest is none other than Joshua, and he's hanging out on the upper walkway of the Boarding Deck with Torgal. Ask him about the quest and he'll reveal that his associates, the Undying, have found their father's will. He asks Clive to accompany him to see what it says.

Fast Travel to Tabor and Joshua will join the party. (He'll also stay in the party from here on in, which is nice.) Enter Clayhearth, the building in the north where Clive first met Jote, and Clive will hand over Archduke Elwin's Testament. He'll also mention that the one who can help see it through, a mystery woman, is in 'the archive'.

Go up the stairs to your right as you come out of Clayhearth and you'll find the entrance to the Requietory. Inside you'll find Goditha, and she has armbands for the brothers - but they're incomplete, and require a special something from a beast that lives nearby.

Jump down to the Gilded Path Obelisk and travel west, to Titan's Wake. You'll find the beast, a Griffon named Simurgh, on the other side of a tunnel and in the first clearing you come across.


Despite appear as a 'normal' enemy, Simurgh is an appreciably-powerful foe. It knows a few moves that other Griffons do not:

  • Witch's Ladder, which conjures a tornado to follow Clive around for a short while
  • Kingslayer, a series of dive attacks that trigger shockwaves
Despite these additions Simurgh seems a touch slower than other Griffons, and isn't that difficult to defeat. Try to stay on its side, and dodge out of the way whenever Simurgh takes flight and rushes at you. Its two special attacks are not a big deal, though you should make a point to avoid them as best you can. Your greatest enemy here is the terrain, and keeping away from the walls will give you room to avoid Simurgh's attacks.

You'll receive two Heartstone, Wyrrite, and Sharpfangs for defeating Simurgh. Return to Tabor and present the Heartstone to Goditha and she'll create The Founder's Grasp, a solid piece of equipment for Clive. Leave the Requietory and Cyril will suggest the brothers pay a visit to their father's memorial.

Travel to Hawk's Cry Cliff and look west of the Obelisk. There's a side path along the cliffs that leads to the memorial stone. Approach it to trigger a cut scene, and end the quest. This will unlock another side quest, as well: An Inconvenient Truth.