Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Clive's Reading Desk
Unlocked: Complete Where There's a Will
Reward: Snow Daisy Garland, Shiva's Kiss, 40 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you need to complete Where There's a Will, another side quest. Where There's a Will is part of a short quest chain that involves completing another quest, Phoenix, Heal Thyself, and you'll only get Where There's a Will when you've reached more or less the end of Final Fantasy XVI.

Check Clive's Reading Desk and you'll find a letter from Joshua, expressing concern for Jill. The loss of her Dominant was likely hard on her, and Joshua wants to make sure she's alright. Trek out to Joshua, at his customary spot on the Boarding Deck, and the two will discuss a possible destination for cheering Jill. They settle on Mann's Hill, near Rosaria, where snow daisies grow.

Travel to Hawk's Cry Cliff. To the left of the Obelisk you'll find the hill. Walk over and inspect it to discover that it looks a little, ah, dead. Return to the Hideaway and check the Backyard, the gardening section in the north of the Hideaway, to find a botanist named Frederica. She recommends the Royal Meadows.

Fast Travel to Northreach, head north through the town, and walk west through the Royal Meadows. There's a rocky hill straight ahead when you leave Northreach, and if you check between it an the cliffs a little further west you'll find a grassy path to the sea. There are flowers dead ahead - and they're guarded by a small group of Worgen and Dragonets. Kill the monsters and an Oillephist Bull will show up, and it fights just like a Minotaur. Watch out for some Worgen that will appear partway through the battle.

You'll receive a Minotaur Mane, Sharp Fangs, Bloody Hides, and Magicked Ash for defeating the monsters. This will send Clive and Joshua back to the Hideaway. Speak to Jill, out on the balcony of Clive's Chambers,  This will trigger a nice little cut scene, and the quest will end. Jill will rejoin the party after her prolonged absence, and she'll stay with Clive until you initiate the final quests of the game.