Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Herman, Cursebreaker
Unlocked: Begin Back to Their Origin
Reward: The Breath of Ice (Mesmerize), 40 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you need to progress through the majority of Final Fantasy XVI. Once you've fought Ultima during the Streets of Madness main story quest you'll be returned to the Hideaway, and you'll need to speak to several important NPCs. Once you're done talking with Jill a bunch of new side quests will pop up, including Litany of Errors.

You'll find the petitioner, Herman, on the third floor of the Atrium, looking out at the sea. He desperately wants to be posted to Ash, but Clive won't allow anyone (besides himself) to travel there. As a child Herman was held in a place called Badbach Conservatory, and he wants to find a record of the other Bearers who lived - and died - in the place. Clive won't allow it, but if you agree to the quest he'll go in Herman's stead.

Travel to the Vidargraes Obelisk, in the north of all the territories of Ash. Head south from the Obelisk and you'll find a dense cluster of trees called Bedlam Boughs. You can see the top of the conservatory sticking out of the trees from the Obelisk, if you look closely. Stick to the east side of the forest and you'll find a path to the Badbach Conservatory. (There are a few things to find on the grounds, if you care to look around. We covered these details in another section of the guide.)

Enter the building on your left once you're on the grounds. There's a chest on your left that contains a Potion and twenty Sharp Fangs. Check the right side of the room for a little journal, and the rear of the room for another journal, atop a barrel. You need to find both books to reveal a third book, near the chest. This will reveal the location of the registry.

Go back outside and head to the west end of the grounds, where you'll find a small cemetery. In the rear of the cemetery is a bare, white, forked tree. Check it to find the registry. Once you do Clive will be attacked by a group of Akashic, the most notable of which is an Akashic Gunvaldr. Draw it away from the other Akashic and leave them for Torgal. The Gunvaldr has a bit of trouble navigating the graves, and you can use this to your advantage while avoiding his attacks.

You'll receive Clutchmine, Wyrrite, Sharp Fangs, Magicked Ash, and Meteorites for defeating the Akashic, as well as the Bearer Registry. Return to Herman at the Hideaway and hand over the registry to complete the quest.

Main Walkthrough