Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Gav
Unlocked: Complete Back to Their Origin and complete Trial and Error
Reward: Winter Mead, 30 Renown

There are two prerequisites for completing this side quest:
  • You need to progress through Back to Their Origin, one of the final main quests in Final Fantasy XVI. It will have you speak to several NPCs in the Hideaway. Once you're done talking with Jill a bunch of new side quests will pop up.
  • You need to complete Trial and Error, one of the quests that appears after beginning Back to Their Origin.
Gav's the petitioner this time around, and he's standing in the Ale Hall. Speak to him and you'll discover that he's trying to complete a gift for Edda, the pregnant woman you saved from Eistla. Edda's due any day, and Gav wants his present finished before she has her baby. Clive can offer some assistance with the problem.

Gav wants to create a good luck charm, and he plans to make it from the feather of a silver Chocobo. Clive decides to check in with the merchants at Martha's Rest, to see if any of them have a feather. There are three you can speak to:
  • The first Traveling Trader is right across from the Obelisk when you fast travel into the town.
  • The second, a Grocer, is behind the Golden Stables, just north down the street from the Obelisk.
  • The third, an Inquisitive Merchant, is standing on the west side of Martha's Rest, near the elevator to Sorrowise.

The three merchants hint at a silver Chocobo hiding in or around an abandoned shack near Rhiannon's Ride, a road leading through Greensheaves. Fast Travel to Eastpool then head south to Greensheaves. The path to the shack is on your right after you cross the third bridge. Check inside the shack and you won't find a Chocobo - but you will find a Silver Chocobo Feather. Head back to Gav to hand over the feather, then follow him to the Infirmary and speak to Edda to complete the quest.