Main Walkthrough

Location: Tabor
Petitioner: Cyril
Unlocked: Begin Back to Their Origin and complete Duty Undying
Reward: Clayhearth Signboard, Orichalcum, 50 Renown, 1,500 gil

There are two prerequisites for unlocking this side quest:
  • You need to complete Duty Undying, a side quest from earlier in the game.
  • You need to progress through Back to Their Origin, one of the final main quests in Final Fantasy XVI. It will have you speak to several NPCs in the Hideaway. Once you're done talking with Jill a bunch of new side quests will pop up.
The petitioner for this quest is once again Cyril, and he's still at his table in Clayheart, near Tabor's Obelisk. Speak to Cyril and he'll speak of the Third Chair, a missing member of his order, sent to Ash on an investigation. Cyril wants Clive to go looking for the man, and, hopefully, bring him back to Storm.

The missing man was apparently looking into the village of Mikkelburg, a location you couldn't access previously. Jump to the Edge of Infinity Obelisk and head north through the region until you reach Halfcombe. As you head north through Halfcombe there will be a path on your left, leading to a gate that was previously barred. Open the door in the Fallen ruins and head inside.

Surprisingly enough, Mikkelburg has living, breathing souls, not yet Akashic. The place is nevertheless quite weird, and the Village Elder is one of the weirdest residents - though he seems willing enough to point you to the Third Chair.

Check in the northwest of Mikkelburg to find a path through the Fallen ruins, next to a house. Inside the ruins is a chest containing an Empty Shard, thirty chunks of Wyrrite, and thirty pinches of Magicked Ash. That done, head south through the town and head to the elder's home, at the end of the path. The Third Chair is inside, and he seems... taken... with the town.

During the conversation an aetherflood will strike Mikkelburg, and a group of Fallen Echoes will invade. They're all quite familiar to you. Defeat them and a new foe will reveal itself.


Yet another enemy from the Iron Golem family, Titus fights more or less the same as the other constructs, just with fire backing up its attacks. It uses a few moves the other Iron Golems do not:
  • Sword and charging attacks that leave explosive energy patches on the ground
  • An AOE whirl that triggers an explosion after it ends
  • An AOE minefield that gradually explodes
  • Scathefire, a widened shockwave that travels in a line, exploding after a few seconds
This fight is pretty similar to your other encounters with golems, the main exception being the explosive patches it leaves behind with almost every attack. Stay on Titus's sides and these shouldn't be much of a problem. Wait for Titus to leap forward, avoid its attack, and strike back. Pretty simple, if a bit hectic at times.

You'll receive Fallen Iron, Wyrrite, Magicked Ash and Meteorite for defeating Titus. After a cut scene Clive will be sent back to Tabor, and you can give the Mikkelburg Report you received from the Third Chair to Cyril. This will end the quest.