Main Walkthrough

Location: Tabor
Petitioner: Cyril
Unlocked: Complete Through the Maelstrom
Reward: The Breath of Ice (Ice Age), 30 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you need to complete Through the Maelstrom, a main story quest that will take you out to sea. Return to the Hideaway and Duty Undying will be waiting, elsewhere in the world.

Travel to Tabor and look inside Clayhearth, the small building by the Obelisk where you met Jote during your first trip to the town. Here you'll find Cyril, Joshua's assistant whom you met earlier. Clive asks if they know anything about Ultima, and though Cyril's order does not, he suggests Clive might want to watch Cyril's associates attempt to learn more.

Leave Tabor and Fast Travel to the Gilded Path, in the southwest. Walk west along the lowest route and you'll find the entrance to Titan's Wake, a twisting path to your destination. There are a few things of note along the way:

  • On your right as you enter is a Hellgaroo. You can stick to the left to avoid it, or enjoy a bit of a scrap. It's protecting an Item.
  • If you take the shorter, northern route through Titan's Wake you'll come to a group of Fallen robots. They're protecting a little side path leading north, where you'll find a Fallen Guardian and two Defense Nodes. The space isn't great for fighting, so... be careful? There are two Items in this clearing, and once you get rid of the enemies you can open a floating chest that's off to the side. It contains a Ring of the Demolitionist.
  • If you take the narrow, southern route instead you'll find three clearings strung together. The first and third are guarded by Goblins, while the one in the middle has a Hill Gigas to fight. There are a few Items along the way, but aside from an abandoned tent near the Hill Gigas (might be important in another quest) there's not much to see.
The remaining westbound trail will bring you to several bridges guarded by Akashic Nakks. Eventually you'll come to the Kretov Obelisk, and on the other side of a large gate is the village of Kretov... which appears to have been wiped out.

Upon arrival in Kretov you'll be attacked by a squad of Fallen Echoes (Hunters and a Defense Node). Take out the Defense Node so it can't cast Protect on the Hunters. Continue west through the village and you'll encounter an enemy named Fool's Gold at the next waypoint. It is a fancied-up Fallen Guardian, and fights the same as any of them. More Fallen Echoes (Bugs) will show up in the middle of the fight, so save an AOE attack or two and you can wipe them out in a hurry.

You'll receive Wyrrite and Magicked Ash for wiping out Fool's Gold. A few more members of the order will show up and thank Clive for his help, giving him a Kretov Report. There are a few things to see in this dead village before you leave:
  • Check the edge of the clearing where you fought Fool's Gold for a chest containing fifteen chunks of Wyrrite.
  • Check south of the clearing to find a small side path into the ruins, where you'll find two Items.
  • In the north of Kretov are two buildings. Behind one is a chest containing fifteen spools of Steelsilk, and on top of the other (use the stairs at the back) is a chest containing fifteen Sharp Fangs.
Return to Cyril and give him the report to end the quest.