Main Walkthrough

Location: Boklad
Petitioner: Theodore 
Unlocked: Complete Trading Places and Through the Maelstrom
Reward: Crimson Caravan Signboard, The Breath of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone), 50 Renown, 1,500 gil

In order to unlock this side quest you need to fulfil two prerequisites: 

  • First, you need to complete Trading Places, a side quest from earlier in the game.
  • Second, you need to complete Through the Maelstrom, a main story quest that will take you out to sea. Return to the Hideaway and Trading Places II will be waiting.
The petitioner this time is Theodore, and he's standing on the main road towards Boklad's southern entrance. The process of moving the Bearers from the previous side quest is still underway, and Theo needs a favor from Clive: Talk to Eloise. Piece of cake. 

Eloise is over by the Crimson Caravans building. Head over and she'll be speaking to someone. Turns out talks to deal with the Republican Army have fallen through, and the Silver Consortium, an upscale trading organization, has purchased the Bearers instead. Eloise wants Clive to provide an escort to speak with their people.

Head south through the Steps of the Forgotten to the front gates of Ran'dellah. Eloise is standing on a bluff to the north of the gates, before you cross the entry bridge. Speak to her and members of the Consortium will show up, which more or less puts the kibosh on the whole deal. Alas. 

Once that's done you'll be back in Boklad, and abrupt word will come of monsters attacking the Bearers you helped settle in the previous quest. This is something Clive can handle. Travel to the Laetny's Cleft Obelisk, west of Boklad, and take the first right as you head south to find the path to the Abandoned Fishing Village. 

Check the east side of the village to find some villagers, who will point you further up the river. Follow Cerdra's Thread north, fighting monsters along the way, until you reach a sizable clearing. A large number of Akashic Hounds and Akashic Leg Eaters are ambling about nearby, and you'll need to kill them off. Once they're gone...


A massive Akashic dragon, Herensuge is a bit basic compared to its kin from earlier in the game. It uses the following attacks:
  • A side to side bite
  • An overhead wing slam
  • A charging attack
  • An AOE wind twirl
  • A flying cartwheel spin
  • A multi-shot fireball attack
  • A line-based beam attack that creates an explosion along the ground
  • A two-part beam attack, first horizontal, then vertical
  • Dragon Dance, which combines the fireballs, the beam attacks, and the charge attack into a single combo
This is a basic dragon battle. Herensuge doesn't use any moves that puts it apart from other dragons you've fought, and the wide arena gives you plenty of room to move around and avoid Herensuge's attacks. Stay in front of it and focus on the head, dodging to the sides whenever its body language changes. Herensuge will start using Dragon Dance after being staggered once, but it will also have longer recovery times, making it easier to go after its head.

You'll receive Magicked Ash, Meteorite, and a Goblin Coin for defeat Herensuge. This will end the quest, but... not happily.