Part 40: Full Steam

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The Naldia Narrow - Enemies

  • Royal Folkstaf
  • Royal Gandfreyr
  • Royal Osfreyr
  • Royal Sigfreyr
  • Royal Sveithvaldr
  • Royal Togynvaldr

Thanks to Mid's engineering prowess the gang have successfully caught up with the Einherjar, King Barnabas' personal ship,and Clive has jumped aboard while Joshua deals with the monarch. Clive is once again flying solo for this mission - aside from Torgal, of course - so don't expect much help.

You'll start off on the deck of the Einherjar, and swarms of soldiers will rush in to attack. The first two waves are no big deal, but the third is a lone Togynvaldr. You've fought these guys (and similar enemies) plenty of times before, so this fight still shouldn't tax you too hard, but watch out for his teleporting. He can get behind you quickly.

Once the Tognvaldyr is gone you can look around a bit. Run to the port (left) side of the ship and check near the bow to find two Sharp Fangs. Turn around and check the hull to find a gated door that you can open. Inside you'll find a Potion, a chest containing a Meteorite (check the right side of the stairs), and a deckhand who clearly isn't being paid enough for this nonsense. Head to the upper deck via the stairs.

Once on the upper deck you'll get a look at how things are going back on the Enterprise, then Clive will be rushed by more soldiers. This time around the Gandfreyr will cast Cure, so they're your priority kills. Otherwise, not a big deal. The second wave of foes will include a Royal Sveithvaldr, though the Gandfreyrs should still be your initial concern. There are enough objects up on the deck that evading the Sveithvaldr's rushes shouldn't be too difficult. Be ready for reinforcements to show up once you do enough damage to the Sveithvaldr.

You can explore a bit more after the soldiers are gone. Check the bow of the ship for four spools of Steelsilk, and look by the steering wheel for four Bloody Hides. In front of and below the wheel are stairs leading belowdeck. There's a Potion and a High Potion waiting down here, as well as a chest containing The Breath of Earth (Earthen Fury). Go down the ladder near the chest to find three chunks of Wyrrite, as well as more deckhands.

Check the door on your right. Beyond is a room full of soldiers. There isn't much room to maneuver, so quick AOEs to wipe them out is advisable. Check the door on your left for several cut scenes, and once they're done...


Time for a rematch. Sleipnir was essentially a warmup for Barnabas, who uses similar moves but is quite a bit more dangerous. You can expect the following attacks during the first phase against Barnabas:

  • Teleporting melee combos
  • A wide AOE sword slash
  • Quick shockwaves from great distances
  • Swift lunging stabs that carry Barnabas across the battlefield
  • A sword slash that creates an AOE field of smaller slashes in front of Barnabas (think Malenia from Elden Ring)
  • The Lord's Measure, which creates a cross pattern in the air that you need to avoid

The first phase against Barnabas requires quick reflexes, as his moves go from zero to one hundred in mere seconds, and he can reach Clive regardless of how far you run. Watch Barnabas' body language and wait to strike until he performs an attack and goes back to a ready position. If you attack too soon he'll block everything. You won't do much damage, but you also don't need to do much damage at this point.

Press Barnabas enough and he'll start charging up a move called Iron Flash. Unlike most charging bosses, however, Barnabas remains as mobile as ever, and will use some new moves:

  • A larger, horizontal shockwave
  • The Lord's Measure, which covers a much larger portion of the battlefield
  • Gungnir, wherein Barnabas hurls his polearm at the ground, creating an AOE explosion and a swift shockwave when it hits

In truth Iron Flash is not the move you need to worry about here, as it triggers a cut scene when it goes off. More important is simply surviving Barnabas' assault. This isn't too different from before, just more intense. Don't worry about striking Barnabas and focus instead on getting through this phase, dodging and blocking when necessary to avoid his strikes. The countdown timer to Iron Flash is good at freaking you out, but... don't worry about it. The fight is over once Iron Flash goes off.

Survive the fight against Barnabas and you'll receive a truly insulting victory screen. You'll also receive The Will of Light (Impulse), Steelsilk, Bloody Hides, and Meteorites, and after several lengthy cut scenes Clive will receive the power of Shiva from Jill, as well as an Ice Shard. Return to the Hideaway to complete the quest.

Part 42: Across the Narrow

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