Part 39: A Song of Hope

Main Walkthrough

The team needs to catch up with the King of Waloed, and Mid's new ship, the Enterprise, is just the vessel they need. Alas, the secret berth where Mid has been building the Enterprise comes under attack shortly after you begin this quest, and you'll need to drive off the Akashic invaders if the team is to stand a chance of escaping.

This quest is short, and consists of several waves of enemies. You need to wipe them all out - with the help of Torgal, Joshua, Gav, and Byron - to leave the Ironworks behind. The waves of enemies are as follows:

  • Akashic Folkstaf, Akashic Osfreyr, and Akashic Sigfreyr. There are a lot of 'em, but they're all melee combatants. No big deal.
  • Akashic Gandfreyr and Akashis Osfreyr. The Gandfreyr can use magic, so if yo can pick them out of the crowd they should go first. Still not a huge deal.
  • Aashic Siegfreyr accompanied by one Akashic Sveithvaldr. Unsurprisingly you should pay attention to the Sveithvaldr while your party deals with the lesser mooks. It moves just as fast as the one in the raid on Kanver, but you have more room to maneuver here. Save your Limit Break for this phase so you can get in a few easy Parries.
Wipe out all three phases and you'll earn 100 Steelsilk. Unsurprisingly, this isn't enough to let you escape.


This battle looks far more intimidating than it actually is. The Sleipnir clones are all pale imitations of the original, and can only use his stab, a minor melee combo, and a single, ranged energy sphere. All you're meant to do is stall for time in this fight, as the Sleipnirs will keep spawning indefinitely, so your best bet is to use Eikonic Abilities that hit multiple foes at once - and keep them stunned for long periods of time. Ignition and Flare Breath are two good abilities in this fight, as they essentially pin enemies, and any AOE will work nicely as well.

Stall long enough and the Enterprise will successfully escape. You'll earn Wyrrite and Magicked Ash for holding off the Sleipnirs. Your next quest awaits.

Part 41: Through the Maelstrom

Main Walkthrough