Part 38: Evenfall

Main Walkthrough

The defeat at Kanver will send Clive back home to the Hideaway, and, per usual, you need to check in with Otto. He's in his usual spot in the Mess, and speaking with him will immediately trigger a sub-quest.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Reward: 1 Black Blood, 1 Gil Bug, 45 Renown, 1,000 gil

Head over to Mid's Dungeon, beneath the Atrium. There are volumes and a desk to check, though neither is of any use. Check the shelf near the stairs and Clive will find a clue inside one of Mid's old dolls. Speak to Otto again to learn that the hint points to the Orchestrion, over in the Ale Hall.

Check by the Orchestrion and a pair of kids will break the thing. Repeatedly. Inspect the Orchestrion once they're done talking to end the quest... and receive The Final Piece. Whatever it is.

Fixing the Orchestrion will finish your work in the Hideaway for the time being... or your mandatory work, anyway. A few new optional tasks will pop up:

Otherwise, that's all for A Song of Hope. On to the next quest. Important note! The next few quests are linked, and you won't be able to return to the Hideaway - or any other part of the world map, for that matter - until you've completed them. Don't embark for Kanver until you've completed your side business.

Part 40: Full Steam

Main Walkthrough