Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: August
Unlocked: Complete Blacksmith's Blues II and A Song of Hope
Reward: Ouroboros Design Draft, 100 Bloody Hides, 35 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you need to fulfil two prerequisites: 

  • First, you need to complete Blacksmith's Blues II, a side quest from earlier in the game. (Unsurprisingly, there is also a Blacksmith's Blues I.)
  • Second, you need to complete A Song of Hope, a relatively short main story quest that takes place entirely in the Hideaway. Once that's doneBlacksmith's Blues III will pop up nearby.
Head to the Mess and you'll find August, looking out at the water. He is, yet again, worried about Blackthorne, who went 'white as a sheet' at the sight of a ring. He wants Clive to speak to Blackthorne about it. The guy can't seem to do anything himself...

Trek over to Blackthorne's forge and speak to the smith. It appears that Blackthorne has history with Zoltan, the ring's creator, and is irked that his former fellow apprentice is churning out such quality work. He agrees to meet with Zoltan, who likely still lives in Blackthorne's hometown of Dravozd.

Dravozd is located in the northeast of the Fields of Corava. This is an area you've likely visited a few times for side quests and Notorious Marks. If not, though, the quickest route there is by jumping to Tabor's Obelisk, heading south to the Gilded Path, and then traveling west. Dravozd is on your left as you exit onto the Fields of Corava. Approach the gates to activate the Dravozd Obelisk.

Check the left side of the gate and you'll find August and the gatekeeper, who isn't allowing anyone in. Blackthorne's silver tongue will get you past 'Snotty' and into the village. Blackthorne directs you to the forge on the western hill, though you might as well poke around a bit first:
  • There's a Merchant on the east side of town. Aside from basic potions and tonics she'll sell you the Lion and the Hare Orchestrion Roll.
  • Across the street from the Merchant is a weapons' stall. Check between the racks of weapons for a chest containing a Goblin Coin.
  • In the northwest of Dravozd, just north of your destination, is a house with a ton of crates lining its sides. Check behind it to find a chest containing fifteen pinches of Magicked Ash.
Slim pickings, in other words. Climb the hill on the west side of Dravozd once you're done looking around and you'll find a group of people huddled around a forge. Zoltan is among them, and he's quite set on Clive's immediate departure. Check the crates beside the nearby tree for a chest containing fifteen Bloody Hides before you leave.

Head back to Blackthrone at the entrance. He'll explain the bad blood between him and Zoltan, then decide on a plan. He needs Clive to go to the Fields of Corava and hunt a Desert Salamander. You'll find one in the middle of the plains, a little ways southwest of the 'Fields of Corava' name on the map. You won't find fighting it any different from the many Aevis' that you've beaten getting to this point. The Desert Salamander drops a Salamander Skin and a Dragon Talon when defeated.

Jump back to Dravozd via the Obelisk and speak to Blackthorne, still near the entrance. This will trigger a cut scene with Zoltan, and he'll give you some Pit-coal Cinder. Jump back to the Hideaway and you'll find Blackthorne and August beat you there. Give Blackthorne the Pit-coal Cinder to end the quest. The rewards will allow you to craft the Ouroboros and The Sons of Ouroboros, two pieces of equipment, though you'll need to complete several quests to gather all of the needed materials.