Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Clive's Reading Table
Unlocked: Complete Blacksmith's Blues and Letting Off Steam
Reward: Excalibur Design Draft, 1 Meteorite, 30 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you need to check off two prerequisites:

  • You need to complete Blacksmith's Blues, an earlier side quest, also located in the Hideaway.
  • You need to progress far enough into the main story to reach Out of the Shadow. The majority of Out of the Shadow consists of three sub-quests, all called Letting Off Steam. Complete the three parts of Letting Off Steam, unlock the next area, and visit it once to gain access to all of the side content, including Blacksmith's Blues II.
Check Clive's Reading Desk in his chambers and you'll find a missive from August, the fellow who alerted Clive to Blackthorne's depression earlier. Seems the blacksmith is in a funk once more. Speak to him and you'll learn that Blackthorne is distracted by a sword with an edge that he can't seem to replicate.

Speak to Charon next door to learn that the sword was purchased by a Lord Ignac, who is staying at the Dalimil Inn. Pay the town a visit and enter the tavern by the Obelisk. Check on the second floor and you'll find Ignac ranting in the room furthest down the hall. Ignac will demand Clive leave, but his manservant Radim will strike a deal with Clive: Get Ignac's stolen luggage back in exchange for an audience.

Head north of the Dalimil Inn, into the Velkroy Desert, and travel to the northeast. The desert narrows into a large canyon of sorts, and on the left side is a small camp with four enemies: Three Bedmakers, all magic users, and a hefty Innkeeper. Take out the Bedmakers so they don't distract you from the Innkeeper and his huge club. Parrying or simple dodges will keep you out of trouble.

You'll receive Steelsilk and Black Blood for defeating the bandits. You'll also find Ignac's luggage, and Clive will return it to him in exchange for a Sundered Whetstone. Take the whetstone to Blackthorne to complete the quest and earn your reward. Included is the Excalibur Design Draft, which Blackthorne can use to craft an Excalibur. It's an excellent sword - assuming you have the crafting materials needed to get the job done.