Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Clive's Reading Table
Unlocked: Complete Letting Off Steam
Reward: Cid's Goblet, 25 Wyrrite, 50 Sharp Fangs, 1 Meteorite

In order to unlock this side quest you need to progress far enough into the main story to reach Out of the Shadow. The majority of Out of the Shadow consists of three sub-quests, all called Letting Off Steam. Complete the three parts of Letting Off Steam, unlock the next area, and visit it once to gain access to all of the side content, including Payback.

Check Clive's Reading Table in his quarters and you'll find a letter from Gaute. It sounds urgent. Head to the Mess and speak to Gaute, in his usual spot behind the Counter. Turns out Gaute has failed to pay back some important lenders, and the Hideaway is deep in debt. Otto will overhear everything and come up with a solution, handing Clive two Star Rubies.

You need to visit two old friends to hand off the Star Rubies:

  • Martha is behind the counter of the Golden Stables at Martha's Rest, as always.
  • Isabelle is standing in front of the Veil over in Northreach.

Both visits will shed light on the history of Otto, who turns out to be more important to the Hideaway than you might have thought. Return to the Hideaway and speak to Gaute, who failed in his own task. He'll give you the third Star Ruby. Have a chat with Charon, then return to Gaute to finish up the quest.

Main Walkthrough