Part 32: Into the Darkness

Main Walkthrough

With the threat of Hugo Kupka finally gone, Clive returns to the Hideaway. Speak to Otto in the Mess, then chat with Vivian, a few feet away in the Map Room. Vivian will encourage Clive to spread word of Kupka's defeat to other people in the Hideaway. You need to speak to three NPCs, all in their usual spots:

  • Harpocrates
  • Charon
  • Blackthorne

Head back to Otto once you're done spreading the word. He'll suggest speaking to Mid, over in Mid's Dungeon, beneath the Atrium. Mid is busy creating a new ship she calls the Enterprise, and she needs help completing the engines. She'll give you Thermal Plating Designs, and you'll need to trek them over to Blackthorne. This will begin several sub-quests.

(Note that while completing the first sub-quest you'll unlock two side quests, both in areas you'll be visiting. You can in theory do them while out on your main tasks. More on those at the end of this guide.)

Letting Off Steam I

Reward: 40 Renown, 800 gil, 1 Goblin Coin, 1 Black Blood, 1 Gil Bug

This quest starts off with a choice: Otto or Gav. The guy you choose will accompany Clive on a little excursion to pick up materials for Mid's plans. It doesn't matter which character you pick, ultimately, aside from some different dialogue.

Fast Travel to the Dalimil Inn and head to the Southern Velkroy Desert, northeast of the Obelisk. Your chosen helper will be standing outside a house on your right, a little ways out in the desert. Speak to him, then follow the water's edge to the southeast. You'll find the Stardust you're looking for over here, and you'll need five samples:

  • In the shadow of a small, rocky cliff
  • By the edge of the water, in a cluster of bushes
  • Behind a cluster of three palm trees
  • On the ledge next to the palm trees
  • A short way up the hill from the previous Stardust
Take the five samples back to your partner. He and Clive will have a heart-to-heart, and you'll be headed back to the Hideaway. Speak to Blackthorne again to end the quest.

Speak to Mid and she'll put you on the next task. Check in with Mid's assistant, Helena, to begin the second sub-quest.

Letting Off Steam II

Reward: The Eye of the Warrior, 1 Meteorite, 40 Renown

Helena has a field task for you: She needs access to Fallen ruins. Unfortunately, said ruins are now inhabited by something monstrous. The game will direct you to Lostwing, though if you want a closer path you may want to teleport to the Caer Norvent River Gate Obelisk instead, assuming you went out of your way to activate it earlier in the game.

Your target is on the west end of the Norvent Valley. Helena and her team are waiting. Helena will point you towards the western-most point in the valley, and when you head that direction an 'Unwanted Visitor' will pop up and attack. It is identical to Ahriman, the first Notorious Mark you ever fought. You beat Ahriman, so you can beat the Unwanted Visitor. Stay close and watch out for the eye laser.

You'll receive Bloody Hides and Magicked Ash for defeating the Unwanted Visitor. This will also complete the quest. Return to the Hideaway and speak to Mid for some Thermal Shielding Designs, then speak to Harpocrates to begin the final chunk of Letting Off Steam.

Letting Off Steam III

Reward: 1 Black Blood, 2 Gil Bugs, 40 Renown, 800 gil

Harpocrates will puzzle out a plan for completing Mid's designs, and Clive will need to head to a market for materials. Similar to Letting Off Steam I, you need to choose between two characters - Jill or Tarja - to accompany Clive on his trip. The dialogue changes, but not the results. (And no, there's no romance for Clive involved, so don't feel pressured.)

Travel to Northreach. Your chosen partner will be standing a few feet away from the Obelisk, at a stall in the Markets. She'll task you with tracking down two ingredients:

  • Garlic. A Traveling Trader on the west side of the Markets has some.
  • Pepio Nuts. A Greengrocer a short walk from the Obelisk has them.
You'll need a grand total of 30 gil to afford both ingredients. If you somehow can't, well... that's your problem. Speak to your partner by the gate at the south end of the Markets. She'll ask for a chat, and what happens depends on who you chose to accompany Clive. Head back to Harpocrates at the Hideaway once you're done to complete the quest.

That's everything. Head back to Mid to see her cobble everything together, then speak to her again. Trek up to Otto in the Mess after the conversation, then head towards the lift to the docks. Speak to Obolus, who for once isn't beside his boat. This will finish up your work in the Hideaway... though you'll be forced to go somewhere else to complete the quest. Jill will rejoin the party after an extended absence, and you'll be on your way to your next target.

... but first, you unlocked some side content while completing these quests. Travel to your next destination, Laetny's Cleft, just once to regain access to all the extra stuff. There's a lot, so don't expect to continue the main story for a while if you're obsessed with finishing everything.
  • There are seven new side quests for you to complete as of the end of Letting Off Steam: Weird Science (Hideaway), Blacksmith's Blues II (Clive's Missives), A Bone to Pick (Clive's Missives), Payback (Clive's Missives), Use Your Loaf (Dalimil Inn), For Great Justice (Lostwing), and Get Cart (Laetny's Cleft). Three of them are found by reading letters at Clive's Reading Desk, which is convenient.
  • The Hunt Board has four more Notorious Marks for you to pursue: Soul Stingers, Grimalkin, The Nine of Knives, and The Breaker of Worlds.
  • Charon and Blackthorne can sell / forge some new equipment for Clive, most notably the Enhancer sword. Don't forget to upgrade it to an Enhancer +2 at the Black Hammer.

Part 34: Onward

Main Walkthrough