Part 33: Out of the Shadow, Letting Off Steam

Main Walkthrough

Laetny's Cleft / The Steps of the Forgotten - Enemies

  • Anak
  • Bloodfang
  • Defense Node
  • Desert Raider
  • Desert Djinn
  • Fallen Hunter
  • Hellgaroo
  • Leg Eater
  • Sunhound
  • Wild Nakk

Laetny's Cleft / The Steps of fhte Forgotten - Random Items

  • Desert Rose
  • Gil
  • Magicked Ash
  • Sharp Fang
  • Steelsilk

Clive's next stop is Boklad, and to reach it he'll need to travel through more of the desert, starting with the narrow canyon trail known as Laetny's Cleft. The scenery is nice, but the going is quite straightforward for a while. There are a few things to find as you walk, all sitting out in the open

  • An Item near the first bridge
  • An Item on the other side of the bridge, protected by hidden Leg Eaters
  • The Get Cart side quest
  • Another Item near some ruins to the south of the petitioners for Get Cart - if you embarked on the quest you'll be attacked here
  • An Item down the left path when you hit the short roundabout that's half bridge and half Fallen ruins (The Vaults, on your map)
  • An Item on your left, just past the clearing where you battle Fallen Hunters and Defense Nodes

Reach the end of the path and you'll get your first look at the Final Sin, a massive waterfall, and you'll be treated to a few cut scenes. Onward, to a new area.

The Steps of the Forgotten

The second path on the way to Boklad is through the Steps of the Forgotten. It feels more or less the same as Laetny's Cleft, just a bit more open to exploration. Your destination is to the north, though you can find some other things along the way:

  • There's an Item along the winding path out of Laetny's Cleft, so long as you don't slide your way down the cliffs as a shortcut.
  • Keep your eye on your right as the path widens. You'll see an Item, and near it is a Hellgaroo. It's a draconic enemy similar to the Wyverns you've fought earlier in the game, and shouldn't be a big deal to defeat.
  • If you go south you'll find the path to the Republican Gate, which is currently closed. Take this route regardless and you'll find Items on the right and left sides of the main path, and when you reach the gate you'll find a chest to the left of the guards. It contains an Empty Shard, twenty-five Bloody Hides, and twenty-five spools of Steelsilk.
  • On the west side of the main path, as you head north, you'll find some rocky slopes patrolled by a variety of wolves. Theunderre are two Items on the slope, as well as a chest containing an Ancient Sword. Keep your eye on your left as you approach the wolves to find the chest. At the end of the path is a cave labelled as Mekith, though it is currently of no use to you.
  • Follow the main path north and you'll find Items on your left and right. They're easy to spot at a distance. Trek a little ways west of the main path and you'll find more wolves, as well as another Item.
Trek through the Fallen ruins in the north of the Steps of the Forgotten to find your next destination.


A ramshackle town filled with refugees, Boklad is the next step in your journey. There are a few things you can do upon entering the town:
  • Activate the Obelisk, which is along the main road, and shop at the local Merchant, who is across the road from the Obelisk. He sells the Betrayal Orchestrion Roll.
  • West of the Obelisk is a building called the Crimson Caravans. This will be important in a bit. Behind this building and in front of another is a chest containing the Sand and Stone Orchestrion Roll and a Goblin Coin. Check the right side of this second building for another chest, this containing fifteen Sharp Fangs.
  • Across the street from the Crimson Caravans is an unremarkable building. Look behind it to find a chest containing fifteen spools of Steelsilk. Also by this building are two men, and if you completed the Get Cart side quest they will tell you a bit about the two brothers you helped back in Laetny's Cleft.
  • East of the Obelisk is a large clearing that appears to be for Chocobos. On the south end of the clearing is the rear of a building, and if you check back here you'll find a chest containing fifteen Bloody Hides.
That's all for now. Head north of the Obelisk to trigger a cut scene. Looks like Clive and Jill won't be getting across the border without help. Look south of the northern gate, along the left side of the path, and you'll find Goetz waiting in a shelter. Alas, the trader's pass Clive was counting on to leave Boklad has been stolen, likely by a child. He directs you to an establishment called the Crimson Caravans for assistance.

Head back to the Obelisk and take the westbound road. The home of the Crimson Caravans is on your right. Approach to meet Eloise, one of Goetz's associates. She'll explain why his pass was stolen, and she'll give you a Crimson Collar Seal. With this in hand you'll have the trust of the locals, at least in part.

To Catch a Thief

Reward: 1 Meteorite, 15 Renown, 800 gil

Head north to the Plaza where you met Goetz earlier. You need to speak to several NPCs hereabouts:
  • A heap of stalls splits the path in two as you head north, and there's a Furniture Maker right in the middle. Speak to him first.
  • Next is a Fishmonger, a ways north through the Plaza and among the stalls on the left.
  • Next are several kids, though the one with the info you need is the Anxious Girl in the south of the Plazas.
  • After her is a boy named Honza. He's at the refugee camp in the south of Boklad. You'll find him with several other child thieves by the Fallen ruins that form the entrance to Boklad.
  • Follow Honza north when he runs. A Chocobo Tamer on your right will point you towards the Chocobo pen to the north.
Enter the pen and check the rocks in the rear of the pen to find Honza. He'll tell you about a gang called the Cast Stones, and the discussion will be joined - rather violently - by Theodore, Eloise's brother. Speak to him again after the conversation ends to trigger another sub-quest.

Blood from the Stones

Reward: Trader's Pass, The Breath of Lightning (Thunderstorm), 1 Meteorite, 20 Renown

Theodore will join your party as a guest for this little story. Honza points you towards Laetny's Cleft, though you needn't look that far, as there are a group of Cast Stones on the Steps of the Forgotten. They're all basic melee opponents, and won't put up much of a fight. Carry on south of here and you'll run into more Cast Stones, including a few magic users. Still not a big deal.

Just before you reach Laetny's Cleft you'll find a camp of Cast Stones. Their number includes a much heftier fellow with a club, and he's the enemy you need to worry about. Let Jill, Torgal, and Theodore handle the rest. The big Cast Stone doesn't have any fancy moves, he just hits hard. Careful timing - or spamming attacks with Limit Break - will let you Parry him into submission.

You'll receive Steelsilk, Magicked Ash, and Gil Bugs for defeating the Cast Stones. Return to Boklad and speak to Eloise to complete the quest. This will also earn you the Collar and Compass Seal, which will open up three side quests in Boklad: Onward to Discovery, Live and Let Live, and Bearer of Good News.

Head north to the Plaza and you'll find Goetz in the same place where you first met him. Speaking to him will begin the next quest. Be warned! When you speak to Goetz you'll be forced to begin the next quest, and all travel will be restricted until you see it through. If you want to do anything else, avoid Goetz until you're ready.

Part 35: Fire in the Sky

Main Walkthrough