Main Walkthrough

Location: Boklad
Petitioner: Ondrej, Tavernkeeper
Unlocked: Complete most of Onward
Reward: 40 Wyrrite, 1 Black Blood, 15 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you must first complete almost all of Onward, a main story quest that will take you to the border town of Boklad. This involves completing two sub-quests and retrieving a Trader's Pass from some bandits. Once you have the Trader's Pass you're meant to speak to Goetz in Boklad. At this point you'll unlock three side quests in Boklad, including Bear of Good News.

The petitioner for this quest is Ondrej, the tavernkeeper for the Wheel and Crescent. You'll find the tavern - and Ondrej - on the west side of Boklad, southwest of the Obelisk. Ondrej is beaming over his acquisition of a rare, delicious bottle of wine, and he wants a random stranger (Clive) to pass the good news to his friends.

There are three NPCs in Boklad whom you must track down to complete the quest:

  • First is Oldrich. He's standing at the side of the building that's across the street from the Crimson Caravans, more or less right beside the Obelisk.
  • Next is Milan. Head to the north end of Boklad and you'll find him on the left side of the Plaza, just before the path splits among the market stalls. He's manning one of the stalls.
  • Last is Bolek. He's a guard who's standing by the gate in the far north of Bokled. Keep walking and you'll find him.
Trek back to Ondrej once you've spoken to the three men to receive your reward.