Main Walkthrough

Location: Lostwing
Petitioner: Quinten
Unlocked: Complete Letting Off Steam
Reward: 20 Renown, 50 Wyrrite, 50 Sharp Fangs, 1 Black Blood

In order to unlock this side quest you need to progress far enough into the main story to reach Out of the Shadow. The majority of Out of the Shadow consists of three sub-quests, all called Letting Off Steam. Complete the three parts of Letting Off Steam, unlock the next area, and visit it once to gain access to all of the side content, including For Great Justice.

Travel to Lostwing and head to the Hanged Man, the pub in (roughly) the center of town. Quinten, the master of Lostwing, is waiting in the rear of the establishment with a quest. Apparently shadowy figures have been prowling on the outskirts of Lostwing, and he wants Clive to look into the matter. He suggests speaking to the citizens of Lostwing for hints:

  • One is on the northeastern road to Claireview, on the upper level of Lostwing. He's near a group of Chocobos.
  • One is by the line of market stalls beside the Obelisk.
  • One is on the path to the Norvent Valley, in the southeast and on the upper level of Lostwing.
The NPC on the road to the Norvent Valley reveals that she heard something along Laubert's Pass. Head down the trail from her position and you'll eventually hit a cut scene. Turns out the Black Shields are active outside Lostwing. You'll need to wipe out two waves of the fiends to end the battle, and you'll receive Wyrrite and Magicked Ash for your trouble.

Return to the Hanged Man with what you've learned and speak to Quinten. He'll reveal the true extent of his history - not to mention the purpose behind Lostwing - and the quest will end... though your business with Quinten almost certainly is not done yet.