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Location: Lostwing
Petitioner: Quinten
Unlocked: Complete For Great Justice and Cloak and Dagger
Reward: Hanged Man Signboard, The Breath of Wind (Wicked Wheel), 1 Meteorite, 45 Renown

There are two prerequisites for unlocking this side quest:

  • You need to complete For Great Justice, a side quest unlocked earlier in Final Fantasy XVI. It sets the stage for this quest.
  • You need to complete the majority of the main quest Cloak and Dagger. This involves traveling to Tabor, south of the Krozjit Echoes, and then down the Gilded Path. Once you exit the Gilded Path you'll unlock several side quests, including For Great Justice II.

Travel to Lostwing and speak to Quinten, who is outside the Hanged Man. He and his soldiers are off on Quinten's quest for vengeance, and he wants Clive to protect the remaining people of Lostwing. Agree and you'll need to find them.

Fast Travel to Orabelle Downs, in the southest, and check the farmstead in the north of Orabelle Downs. Speak to the marked Bearer and a Scout will run up, revealing that the manor Quinten plans to attack is more than he can chew. You'll need to track him down and call off the attack - or at least help pull it off.

Fast Travel to the Dragon's Aery and head south, following the eastern boundry of the area. In the south you'll find a gated path to an area called the Imperial Chase. At the end of the path you'll find a manor in the forest called Heavenhall. Enter the grounds to trigger a cut scene, as well as a battle with a creature called Minas. This beast fights the same as the Coeurl from the excursion to Rosalith Castle, though its attack pattern doesn't change after being Staggered. Not that difficult a battle.

You'll receive a Coeurl Whisker for defeating Minas. Immediately after the fight you'll be sent back to Lostwing, which has gone Akashic. You'll need to battle through two waves of Akashic Shields, then fight two more groups of soldiers in front of the Hanged Man, to clear the town out. You'll receive Wyrrite, Magicked Ash, Black Blood, and Gil Bugs for winning these battles.

Enter the Hanged Man to find Quinten and complete the quest. After this point Lostwing is largely void of people, though if you check the Hunt Board back in the Hideaway you'll see a new Notorious Mark, located in Lostwing: The Man in Black.

Main Walkthrough