Main Walkthrough

Location: Martha's Rest
Petitioner: Martha
Unlocked: Complete Cloak and Dagger
Reward: 40 Steelsilk, 80 Bloody Hides, 1 Meteorites, 25 Renown, 800 gil

To unlock this side quest you need to complete the majority of the main quest Cloak and Dagger. This involves traveling to Tabor, south of the Krozjit Echoes, and then down the Gilded Path. Once you exit the Gilded Path you'll unlock several side quests, including Rekindling the Flame.

Enter the Golden Stables and speak to Martha, who is, as usual, behind the front desk. She's having trouble finding places to house all of the soldiers and Bearers who have turned Martha's Rest into a home. She wants to convert Eastpool back into a proper village... but, of course, it has become a bandits' den.

Head outside and speak to Wade, who is standing across from the local Obelisk. He'll outline the plan: His men deal with any Akashic on the outskirts of Eastpool while you deal with the bandits. Sounds good. Use the Eastpool Obelisk to Fast Travel to the abandoned village. There are a few Unsavory Settlers loitering about, and they should prove no challenge...

... though the Two Scoops that randomly appears after the bandits are gone may give you a run for your money. It can use the following attacks:

  • A leaping body slam
  • A close-range headbutt
  • Close-range tentacle slaps
  • A spinning AOE attack
  • Releases a cluster of electric energy balls that will slowly track Clive
  • Beam attacks with its four hands

Physically the Two Scoops resembles the various flans that you've fought up to this point, though its magical attacks are a bit different. For the most part you want to circle around the Two Scoops, dodging whenever it lunges forward and stepping back if it winds up for a spinning attack. This will keep you out of the range of its beams. It isn't too difficult to Parry the Two Scoops' physical attacks, though if you want to be safe you should wait until you've turned on Clive's Limit Break.

You'll receive Steelsilk, Magicked Ash, and Black Blood for defeating the Two Scoops. This will put Eastpool back on the map as a village. Return to Martha to complete the quest.

Main Walkthrough