Part 36: Things Fall Apart

Main Walkthrough

The Krozjit Echoes / Rymasov Flats - Enemies

  • Akashic Scimatar
  • Akashic Steed
  • Anak
  • Bloodfang
  • Bomb
  • Coeurl
  • Defense Node
  • Fallen Bug
  • Fallen Hunter
  • Helldiver
  • Hellgaroo
  • Wild Nakk

The Krozjit Echoes / Rymasov Flats - Random Items

  • Desert Rose
  • Magicked Ash
  • Sharp Fang
  • Steelsilk

The world continues to fall apart, and Clive and company - now including Joshua - need to save a few friends. The first step on that journey is the Krozjit Echoes, a rocky wasteland with a connection to the Velkroy Desert. The enemies hereabouts shouldn't be too surprising.

You're meant to walk straight south from the entrance to hit the first waypoint. If you instead check the rocks on your right from the entrance you'll find a Hellgaroo. Check to the left and you'll find an open area with a large number of wolfish enemies, and they're guarding an Item. Also over here in the east you'll detect a Chronolith, though it is on a lower level that you can't reach from here.

Head south along the main path and you'll hit a crossroads. If you ignore the path across the ruins and go southwest you'll find a narrow path to a battle with a Coeurl. The terrain makes this fight a bit trickier than the one in Rosalith Castle, but you also have more weapons at your disposal, so... in the end the difficulty level isn't that different. The Coeurl is guarding an Item and a chest containing a Regal Sash.

Head southeast from the crossroads and you'll come to a clearing with some Fallen Bugs and Defense Nodes. They're watching over an Item. Continue southeast to find another clearing, and this time you're up against Fallen Hunters and Bombs. The main path will lead you south, though if you head west down a dead-end path along the cliffs you'll come to an Item - and a Fallen Guardian. This isn't the best place to fight, and the Fallen Guardian will retreat if you try to lure it elsewhere, so you may not want to bother with this thing.

To the south you'll run into a pack of Helldivers keeping watching over an Item. Keep going south past here and you'll run into some signs of civilization, though they don't last long.

Rymasov Flats

As you enter this region you'll find a Wounded Republican Soldier on your left, just before the narrow path widens into a clearing. Speak to him to receive the Bad Blood side quest. It's quick and can be completed in the encampment straight ahead, so you might as well.

The Rymasov Flats aren't terribly large, so seeing all there is to see shouldn't take long:

  • In the north is a Republican Army Encampment, where the majority of Bad Blood takes place. There's an Item here, and if you check behind the northern-most tent you'll find a chest containing an Empty Shard, twenty-five chunks of Wyrrite, and twenty-five Sharp Fangs.
  • In the northeast of the encampment is a broken bridge. Check it to find a chest containing an Empty Shard, a Goblin Coin, and twenty-five pinches of Magicked Ash.
  • On the left side of the main path is a Fallen ruin. Check beside it for an Item.
That's all. Head south along the main path and you'll find Tabor on the other side of a brief skirmish with some wolfish enemies.


A roughly circular community built into the rock cliffs, Tabor doesn't have a whole lot to see. Head for the waypoint in a small building called Clayhearth and you'll meet Jote, Joshua's attendant, as well as get a good look at Barnabas, king of Waloed. Once the cut scene is done you'll unlock a few things in Tabor.
  • Right by Clayhearth is the Tabor Obelisk. You almost certainly set it off entering the building, but... just check it to be sure.
  • Near the entrance of Tabor is a Merchant. The only item in his stores worth mentioning is the On the Shoulders of Giants Orchestrion Roll.
  • Watching the cut scene with Jote activates two side quests in Tabor: Skin Trade and Carved in Stone.
  • Climb to the third level of Tabor - there's a ladder near the town's northern entrance - and you'll find a chest in the north, next to some idling soldiers. It contains fifteen pinches of Magicked Ash.
  • Check the south end of Tabor's uppermost level. You'll find a monument beneath a stone pavilion, and just south of it is a chest, sitting with a bunch of crates. The chest contains a Goblin Coin.
  • West of the pavilion is a building that looks like it was pulled straight out of Star Wars. A little ways further west of this building is a chest containing two Goblin Coins.
Head for Tabor's southern exit once you're done looking around. A cut scene will interrupt your travels, and once it is done you'll receive the Phoenix Down Seal.

The Gilded Path - Enemies
  • Helldiver
  • Leg Eater
  • Orcish Fodder
  • Orcish Mesmerizer
  • Royal Mastiff
The route out of Tabor takes you along the Gilded Path. This short path leads south, towards Kanver, and west, towards the Fields of Corava. You'll have visited the Fields of Corava if you've been taking on Notorious Marks or just plain exploring, though even now it is still an optional location.

Stay on the southern course towards Kanver and you won't run into much of interest besides orcs, the occasional Item, and rocky terrain. Near the goal the path will split, and if you head southwest you'll run into more enemies - and a route you can't currently take, thanks to an overturned wagon. In short, it doesn't really matter which path you follow.

You'll find the Gilded Path Obelisk by the exit in the south. Approach it to trigger a cut scene, and pave the way to your next major quest. This will also unlock several side quests elsewhere in the world: For Great Justice II (Lostwing), Rekindling the Flame (Martha's Rest), and Trading Places (Boklad).

Main Walkthrough