Part 35: Fire in the Sky

Main Walkthrough

After the destruction - or at least partial demolition - of the Crystalline Dominion you'll be returned to the Hideaway. Before you deal with the aftermath of what happened it is worth noting that you can now use the abilities of Bahamut, and if you favor long-ranged attacks this is the Eikon for you. 

Leave Clive's Chamber and head to the Mess, where Otto waits in his usual spot. He'll suggest speaking to Vivian and Harpocrates, who are similarly in the Map Room and the Shelves, respectively. Return to Otto after the two conversations and you'll learn that a bunch of familiar faces are in trouble - and only Clive, Jill, and Torgal are available to help out.

Time to hit the road. First, though, we'll take quick stock of a few new optional things you can do:

  • There are three more Notorious Marks available: The Ten of Clubs, the Mageth Brothers, and Ruin Awakened.
  • Assuming you've been upgrading your swords, the Light Shard you received for defeating Bahamut will allow you to forge Brightburn via Blackthorne. It's just barely stronger than Excalibur, if you forged that sword previously, but every point of damage counts.
  • Charon has one new item: The Night Terrors Orchestrion Roll. (I'm pretty sure she didn't have it before now, anyway.)

There will be more to do by the end of this quest, but for now we have some people to save. You can tackle these sub-quests in any order you like.

Martha's Rest - The Flames of War

Reward: Guardians Scarf, 100 Magicked Ash, 1 Meteorite, 45 Renown, 1,000 gil

Travel to Martha's Rest and check in with Martha at the Golden Stables. It sounds like things are dire, and Martha directs you towards the Fallen Gate. It's basically the front door of Martha's Rest, at the end of the bridge leading south out of the little town. You'll find barricades and wounded men aplenty along the way.

Approach the Fallen Gate and you'll get into a fight with a significant number of Akashic enemies of a number of different types... though they're all admittedly pushovers compared to Clive. One good AOE attac will take out the first wave, while you'll need some ranged attacks to deal with the flying enemies of the second wave. Still, not a big deal. You'll receive Wyrrite and Magicked Ash for defeating both waves.

After wiping out the first bunch of Akashic you'll jump back to Martha's Rest, and word will come of more headed towards the lift on the west side of Martha's Rest. Rush over and use the lift to descend to the battlefield, where you'll need to take on some heavy-duty Akaschic - this time with Wade's help. The only enemy worth Clive's time is the Horde Adamantoise, and so long as you focus on its head this fight shouldn't be a big deal. Leave the rest to Jill, Torgal, and Wade. You'll receive Sharp Fangs and Magicked Ash for defeating the Akashic monsters.

Word of more monsters will come after you take out the enemies at the bottom of the lift. Return to Martha's Rest and head north to Greensheaves. Yet, again, a horde of Akashics are waiting. The first wave is not a big deal, but the second is captained by an Akashic Plague. This creature fights the same as Ahriman, the first Notorious Mark you battled. Wipe out the other Akashics and focus your efforts on the Plague, using Bahamut's powers to get around its irritating penchant for teleporting out of danger.

You'll receive Sharp Fangs, Steelsilk, and Magicked Ash for defeating the Akashic Plague and its buddies. Clive will also earn himself a squire? That was unexpected. This will end the sub-quest, allowing you to move on and fight elsewhere.

Northreach - Why We Fight

Reward: 100 Magicked Ash, 1 Meteorite, 45 Renown

Travel to Northreach and head to the Veil, on the east side of town. One of the courtesans is out front, and she'll tell you that Isabelle is at the Imperial Training Ground, on the other side of Northreach. Head to the waypoint to find her berating the soldiers. She'll have you speak to an Injured Soldier and a Refugee on the north and south end of the Training Ground.

Leave Northreach for the Royal Meadows, traveling northeast towards Moore. Just outside Moore's front gate you'll run into a gang of Thrall Revenants, and when they're gone you'll face down a group of Thrall Wraiths and Thrall Specters. The third wave is dominated by a Thrall Lich, another enemy you're accustomed to fighting. 

You'll receive Magicked Ash for taking down the three waves of thralls. This will end the quest.

Dalimil - Down the Rabbit Hole

Reward: 50 Sharp Fangs, 50 Steelsilk, 50 Bloody Hides, 45 Renown, 1,000 gil

Jump to the Dalimil Inn and speak to L'ubor, a short walk from the Obelisk. His problem is a little different: Yes, Dalimil is under threat, though in this case the defenders are bickering over what to do. Enter the Final Sting, the tavern that's also by the Obelisk, and you'll find two parties at odds. Speak to Viktor, in the middle of the tavern, to learn a bit more.

Return to L'ubor and he and Viktor will hash out a plan. You need to find them in Dalimil and watch them go to work. Viktor is by the Desert Gate, down the street to the east of the Obelisk, while L'ubor is in the Baths, south of the Obelisk. (Poor Clive.)

Return to Viktor, by L'ubor's store, and you'll learn that bandits are on the way to finish what they started in Dalimil. Leave the town by the North Gate and you'll find a large group of Desert Bandits waiting. After two waves of fairly normal enemies you'll run into a fellow named the Sultan in the third group, and he's similar to a number of higher-level foes you've faced in the past - such, for example, as the Nine of Knives. Wipe out magic users first and none of these enemies should be a massive challenge.

You'll receive Steelsilk, Magicked Ash, Black Blood, and Gil Bugs for defeating the Sultan and his men. Quest complete.

Jump back to the Hideaway once you've completed the three sub-quests. Speak to Otto and you'll begin a string of cut scenes that end with a new destination, as well as a new party member: Joshua. Brothers reunited at last. This also unlocks five side quests: An Eye for an Eye, On Balance, Smooth Like Butler, Not to Be Outdone, and Bad Blood. Check in with Nektar and you'll also notice a new Notorious Mark, The Pack.

Part 37: Cloak and Dagger

Main Walkthrough