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Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Clive's Reading Table
Unlocked: Complete Things Fall Apart
Reward: The Breath of Light (Flare Breath), 25 Steelsilk, 25 Bloody Hides, 35 Renown, 1,000 gil 

In order to unlock this side quest you need to more or less complete Things Fall Apart, a main story quest with three sub-quests attached. Once you've completed the three sub-quests and reported back to Otto at the Hideaway you can begin several side quests. You'll need to visit the Krzjit Echoes at least once to unlock the world map, a necessity for Smooth Like Butler.

Check out Clive's Reading Table and you'll find a letter from Sebastian Rutherford, manservant to Clive's uncle. Apparently Lord Byron has tasked Rutherford with something of importance, and he can't fulfil the request alone. Once you've accepted the quest you can find Rutherford inside the Golden Stables at Martha's Rest. He's standing at the top of the stairs on the left side of the tavern.

Rutherford has sent several of his colleagues out on missions, and two of them have gone missing. All he can provide are their approximate locations.

  • The first man is on the southbound trail of the Doeznov Terraces, out of the Dalimil Inn. You'll find him cornered by a squad of Republican Scimitars, backed by a Republican Scepter who will cast Protect on his fellows. Not a big deal. You'll receive Steelsilk and Magicked Ash for winning the fight.
  • The second man is in the northeast of Claireview, a short walk from Northreach. Approach the gate leading to the Dragon's Aery and you'll see a Straitlaced Gent doubled over by a rock on your left. Speak to him, then head east to the Dragon's Aery to find a group of Roughshod Rustics and a sizable fellow named Spring-heeled Jacques. They shouldn't be much trouble. You'll receive Bloody Hides, Magicked Ash, and Black Blood for defeating Jacques and company.
Return to Martha's Rest and speak to Rutherford - he hasn't left his post at the top of the stairs - to receive your reward.

Main Walkthrough