Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Molly, Kitchen Head
Unlocked: Complete A Culinary Pilgramage and Things Fall Apart
Reward: 25 Sharp Fans, 75 Bloody Hides, 25 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you need to fulfill two prerequisitions: 

  • Complete A Culinary Pilgrimage. It's a minor side quest that pops up about halfway through the game.
  • Complete Things Fall Apart, a main story quest with three sub-quests attached. Once you've completed the three sub-quests and reported back to Otto at the Hideaway you can begin several side quests. You'll need to visit the Krzjit Echoes at least once to unlock the world map, a necessity for Not to Be Outdone.

The petitioner, Molly, runs the kitchen in the Ale Hall, and she's annoyed by the success of Yvan's disgusting recipe. She wants Clive's help preparing another age-old recipe. Speak to Haropcrates in the Shelves to learn that both parts of the recipe are found near Northreach.

Fast Travel to Northreach and head north to the Royal Meadows. You have two things to do:
  • First you need to defeat a Blueback Wyvern. Follow the first waypoint to the edge of the map and you'll find a Blueback Wyvern wandering the meadows. It fights like any other wyvern, and shouldn't pose a huge threat to you. You'll receive a Raptor Liver and a Dragon Talon for felling the beast.
  • Next you need some Saint's Bonnet. Directly north of the spot where you battled the wyvern, at the base of a cliff that's home to a watch tower, is a cluster of the herb. Grab a fistful.
Return to the Hideaway and hand both ingredients to Molly to end the quest. (People really need to stop making things out of this book.)