Main Walkthrough

Location: Tabor
Petitioner: Milos, Antiquarian
Unlocked: Begin Cloak and Dagger, reach Tabor
Reward: 1 Goblin Coin, 20 Renown, 1,000 gil

In order to begin this side quest you first need to reach the village of Tabor, which you'll do as part of the main quest Cloak and Dagger. Meet with Jote in Clayhearth, a building on the north end of Tabor's lowest level, and two side quests will appear. One of them is Carved in Stone.

Use the stairs by the northern entrance of Tabor to climb to its second level. In the southeast you'll find an old man named Milos. He's a former scholar who lays it on thick regarding his infirmaties, and he begs Clive to help him with his studies. He wants Clive to memorize some inscriptions for him.

Milos needs you to check the stone carvings in Tabor's three pavilions. Head north of Milos to find the first pavilion, then walk counterclockwise along the outside of Tabor, climbing as needed. You'll come to all three pavilions. The third pavilion is on Tabor's highest level, and you can drop back down to Milos after checking it out.

Milos will ask you about the engravings you read, and you'll need to choose the following options:

  • 'Guardians of the crystal...'
  • 'Wanderers of the golden plains...'
  • 'Children of the hunters, now tillers of the land...'
Choose correctly and Milos will give you a reward, ending the quest.

Main Walkthrough