Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: August
Unlocked: Complete Black Light Burns
Reward: Drakeslayer's Belt Design Draft, 10 Renown

In order to trigger this side quest you first need to complete the main quest Black Light Burns, during the second act of Final Fantasy XVI. Get that far into the story and you'll find Blacksmith's Blues waiting when you return to the Hideaway.

Walk down to the Mess, in the south of the Hideaway. There's a man named August looking over the railing, by the Counter. August is worried about Blackthorne, the Hideaway's blacksmith, who seems to have lost his zeal for life. August will head off to speak to Blackthorne, with Clive coming in second.

Head over to Blackthorne's forge, off the Main Deck. He'll angrily admit to his probem - uncertainty in his skills - and tell Clive and August to get lost. Something needs to be done. Speak to Charon, next door to the forge, and you'll receive a bit of a long-winded story about a cuirass. The end result is the need to hunt a griffin, whose entry you'll find on the Hunt Board. Talk to Nektar and you can specifically ask about the griffin, whose name is Dozmare.

Dozmare is located by the Caer Norvent River Gate Obelisk. If you didn't activate this Obelisk you'll need to walk south from Lostwing to find Dozmare's clearing, which is right beside the gate into the fortress. Check near the forest to bring Dozmare out of hiding.


Rank: B
Reward: 1 Scarletite, 1 Meteorite, 20 Renown, 8,500 gil

Quite a toughie, Dozmare is likely the strongest Notorious Mark you've yet faced. Dozmare uses the following attacks:
  • Short range pecks and claw swipes
  • A medium-range, lunging claw attack
  • A spinning, flying charge
  • A short-range charge attack where Dozmare rises into the air a bit, then slams down into the ground where Clive is standing
  • A long-range, magical ball of wind
  • An AOE tornado attack
  • Noble Dive, a diving attack that generates a shockwave of wind energy and stuns Dozmare
Dozmare fights a bit like the various Wyrms and Wyverns inhabiting Final Fantasy XVI, only with windy magic on top. For the most part you want to draw Dozmare in for claw attacks, dodge away, and then use quick Eikonic Abilities to inflict heavy damage. Don't use attacks with longer effects, like Ignition, or you'll almost certainly be interrupted and damaged. After being Staggered Dozmare will start using Noble Dive, and keep in mind that you both need to dodge the dive itself and jump over the shockwave.

Defeat Dozmare and you'll bring a leatherworker named Kamil out of hiding. Speak to him and he'll give you some Treated Leather. Take this back to Blackthorne to complete the quest. This unlocks the Drakeslayer's Belt and Drakeslayer's Bracelets Recipes, both of which Blackthorne can make for you - if you have the proper crafting materials.