Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Nigel, Head Botanist
Unlocked: Complete The Root of the Problem and Getting to Work
Reward: Invigorated Morganbeard Extract, 1 Goblin Coin, 45 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you first need to fulfil two prerequisites:

  • First, you need to complete The Root of the Problem, a side quest from earlier in the game.
  • Second, you need to complete A Song of Hope, a relatively short main story quest that takes place entirely in the Hideaway. Once that's done, Please, Sir, Can I have Some Morbol will pop up nearby.

Trek down to the Backyard and pay Nigel another visit. The morganbeards you fetched him last time aren't taking to the soil, and he wants to stimulate the plants... by mixing them with a vine from a Morbol. This sounds highly hazardous, but, what the heck.

Agree to the quest and Nigel will point you to the Hunt Board, over in the Mess. Speak to Nektar and ask about Morbol sightings and a new entry, Carrot, will appear. This is the Morbol you need to hunt. You'll find Carrot in a clearing to the west of the Three Reeds Obelisk, on your right as you travel down the road.


Rank: B
Reward: 1 Morbol Tendril, 1 Morbol Flower, 20 Renown, 10,000 gil

Sick of Morbols yet? Hopefully not, 'cause here comes another one. Carrot uses the following attacks:
  • Tentacle slaps
  • Overhead tentacle pounds
  • An AOE pound that releases a cloud of gas around Carrot
  • An underwater tentacle strike that will try to hit Clive multiple times
  • An oil spit that creates three AOE pools in the water - you'll slow down and take damage if Clive steps in one
  • Bad Breath, a stream of gas that will track Clive slightly to the left or right
  • Worse Breath, a similar stream of gas that tracks to the left or right much more quickly than Bad Breath
  • Wild Rage, a two-part charging attack that ends with Carrot trying to dive on top of Clive - changes to a three-part charge after Carrot has been staggered
  • Burrow, an underground tunneling attack that launches Carrot into the air in an attempt to crush Clive
  • Acid Rain, which spews oil globs all over the field and is followed by multiple Burrow leaps
Carrot is a mixture of the two Morbols you fought during the main storyline. Its attacks are more or less the same as before, it just uses more of them in a single flurry to try and knock you off-balance. Your tactics won't change much: Keep Carrot near the middle of the battlefield, circle it, and unleash your attacks. Duck back if any AOE attacks or oil pools get in the way. Carrot's tentacle slaps are a bit on the slow side, so Parrying this creature is pretty easy.

Return to Nigel with the Morbol Tendril to see some lovely botanical results, ending the quest. The Invigorated Morganbeard Extract will further empower your Potions and High Potions, as well as make your various tonics last longer.