Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Dorys
Unlocked: Complete Self-Determination and begin Back to Their Origin
Reward: The Breath of Darkness (Gungnir), 1 Meteorite, 50 Renown

There are two prerequisites you need to fulfil to begin this side quest:

  • First, you need to complete Self-Determination, the second in a quest chain that began with The Weight of Command.
  • Second, you need to progress through Back to Their Origin, one of the final main quests in the game. It will have you speak to several NPCs in the Hideaway. Once you're done talking with Jill a bunch of new side quests will pop up, including Nobody's Tool.
Speak to Dorys, who's standing on the upper walkway of the Boarding Dock. Apparently her former master has revealed the whereabouts of a large number of captive Bearers, and Dorys wants to free them. The trip will take her to Waloed, and she needs Clive's permission to travel to that blasted land. Agree and Clive will decide to go along, as well.

Jump to Ravenwit Walls, the Obelisk roughly halfway through the pair of huge fields in the north of Waloed. Climb the stairs near the Obelisk and check along the north of the walls to find Balmung Dark, a huge prison that looks more like a gladiatorial arena. You'll know you're in the right place if you see a Bomb and a Purobolos floating around out front.

Walk inside and you'll have a quick chat with Dorys before she leaves to check the prison's upper levels. Take a left from the entrance and you'll find a corridor leading around the prison. Proceed through it and you'll find some Akashic in a room on your left. Also here is a document which outlines what Balmung Dark was being used for.

If you make your way down the corridor you'll find stairs on your left, a few more Akashic, and, further north, two more documents. Backtrack to the stairs once you're done reading, pop open the chest by the bottom of the stairs for twenty Sharp Fangs, and head upstairs. Take a right from the stairs and you'll eventually be led to a dead-end, though through the door at this dead end is a chest containing an Empty Shard, thirty chunks of Wyrrite, and thirty Sharp Fangs.

Head left of the stairs and you'll battle more Akashic. Near them is an Item. Head fully down the hall and check the cell on your left to find Dorys. She'll give you a Gaoler's Key that she found. Head back downstairs and return to the entrance, where you can use the key to open the doors on the right.

Head down the hallway. On your first right is a chest containing Amber, and on your second right is a storage room with a small girl. Speak to her to trigger a cut scene, and it'll make clear that the monster from the documents is still about. Check the end of this hallway for an Item, then head back towards the entrance. Keep an eye on the bars to your right and you'll find some of them broken, allowing you to enter the arena in the middle of the prison. Battle time.

Kuza Beast

Rank: A
Reward: 1 Behemoth Shackle, 2 Meteorites, 35 Renown, 15,000 gil

It turns out that the Kuza Beast is a Notorious Mark. Fancy that. The Kuza Beast is effectively the same monster as the Behemoth you fought during the raid on Drake's Spine, with a few differences:
  • It starts off using several of its attacks more than once. Expect multiple paw swipes, and for Comet to come down up to three times when cast.
  • The Kuza Beast doesn't use any moves fancier than Comet. The majority of its attacks are physical.
This makes the fight overall easier than the Behemoth, in other words, though more difficult than the Behemoth's first phase. Stay in front of the Behemoth and target its head, dashing out of the way whenever it prepares to charge or stomp you with its feet. The head takes more damage than the rest of the body, and will stagger the monster more quickly. The Kuza Beast's attacks all take about a second to go off, so watch closely and don't dodge too slowly - or too hastily.

Defeat the Kuza Beast and you'll bring the quest to a close. This will also move the little girl, Heidemarie, into the Bunks in the Hideaway, if you wish to speak to her again.