Part 24: Exploring Waford - Robin Information Locations

Main Walkthrough

Whether or not you collected all of Robin's bits of information from Waford and Alabasta, you're now at a crossroads. Do you want to continue with the plot? Or do you want to do a bunch of Side Stories? If the answer is the latter, this is the guide for you. If not... well, you'd better skip to the next one.

Head back to Water Seven. You'll likely have noticed earlier that the city is now filled with side content for you to gobble up, and with Franky officially in the party he can also enjoy the spoils of what you're going to find as you explore. We'll have another quick jaunt through Water Seven and do everything we can along the way.

Water Seven City Area

Your first stop while exploring Water Seven should be a tavern, the closest of which is probably Cats All Over in the south. The Bounty Boards are now filled with prospects, one of whom makes a return from Alabasta. You'll run into several of them as you re-eexplore Water Seven. You'll also unlock additional Bounty Hunts once you defeat the first six, so make sure you check the Bounty Boards again.

With that done, you'd best address all the new icons covering the map of Water Seven City Area. There's plenty to do in the city.

  • In the south of Elevator - Top Floor you'll find a Frayed Memory. This will put you in the Force of Happiness Memory Link.
  • In the northeast corner of Cafe Park is a child named Hien who has lost his Germa 66 dolls. Agreeing to get them back will begin the My Treasure Side Story.
  • Check inside the bookstore named The Mallet, on the south end of Fountain Square. With Robin in the lead you'll find Diplomacy Records.
  • You'll find a Franky Family Follower right near the entrance to Canal Restaurant, on the east side of the city, who will give you the Natural Underground Enemies Side Story.
  • A little further east into Canal Restaurant you'll find a Frayed Memory. Investigate it to trigger the Memory Link A Friendly Chase.
  • If you check out the stairs leading north out of Plaza Square you'll find a familiar face waiting, assuming you completed a Side Story back in Alabasta. Speaking to her will trigger the Grand Line Quiz Lady series of Side Stories.
  • Speak to Iceberg, the mayor of Water Seven, and he'll give you the Side Story Helping Iceberg. He's standing outside his mansion in Front of Mayoral Residence, in the far north of Water Seven.
  • In the west of Front of Mayoral Residence is the Kajika tavern. Inside is the proprietress, Lucie, and she wants advice on getting more customers. Speak to her to trigger the Tavern Troubles Side Story.

And that's... everything, surprisingly enough. The Bounty Hunts, Side Stories, and Memory Links will take you into Dock One and the Sewer, and you can revisit the Tower of Law to fight Marines if you want, but otherwise most of the item- and quest-collecting action in Water Seven is contained within Water Seven City Area.

Head back to Waford once you're done roaming the streets of Water Seven. The Ice Block Ruins won't clear themselves.

Part 26: Head to the Ice Block Ruins

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