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Main Walkthrough

Whether you partake in side excursions to Alabasta and Water Seven or not, once Franky creates a bridge to the east of Adio's hut in Waford your course is set. All that remains is speaking to Adio again and allowing him to lead you across the bridge to the Ice Block Ruins, your next major challenge on the road to solving the mysteries of the island.

Once you've recruited Adio into the party again you'll hit a cut scene out front of the Ice Block Ruins, and Adio will open the way into the ruins. Before you head inside, have Chopper check the small cave to the left of the entrance. Inside you'll find a Wandering Clan's Journal. You'll also find a cell that Zoro can slice open, though the chest inside is currently locked. Check the cell with Robin in the lead for Information on Doeisa.

Ice Block Ruins


  • Boxing Dugong - Weak to Technique, resists Lightning
  • Hieisa - Weak to Speed, Fire
  • Ice Penguin - Weak to Speed, Fire
  • Melon Gator - Weak to Speed
  • Silver Bat - Weak to Power
  • Wrestling Dugong - Weak to Technique

Great Bottomless Waterfall Lower Part

After a pair of cut scenes you can begin exploring the ruins. Activate the Yoisa Sign, then look directly east of the entrance with Robin. You'll find Information on the Colossi against the southern wall. Follow the edge of the platform to the north, towards the waterfall Zoro tried to cut, and you'll find two Nami's Cube Fragments. Turn and look to the west once you have this fragment to spot three Robin's Cube Fragments further along the platform, near a structure surrounded in pillars.

Head west. There's a climbing point ahead. If you drop down and continue west you'll find a locked door ahead. You'll need a key to open it. On your way back to the climb point, look up and to your left. Tucked up against the mass of hexagonal platforms nearby are three Usopp's Cube Fragments that only Luffy can grab. These are very easy to miss if you don't pan your camera around.

Head back east and start climbing. Atop the first platform you'll find Durian Gator Salad in a chest, and further up is a second chest containing a Crystal Key. This is just what you need to open the locked door from earlier. Drop back down and head on through to the west. Inside is something called the State-Changing Device, and when you mess with it...

... the waterfall will suddenly be frozen over. Fancy that. This will also create a series of icicles that you can use to grapple north from the door. Grapple once, then look to your immediate right to find an Ice Block Tablet. Then just keep grappling until you reach a pathway with enemies on patrol.

Great Bottomless Waterfall Upper Part

Continue the climb until you reach a statue that resembles the colossi of Waford. Behind the statue and to the left are three Sanji's Cube Fragments for Luffy to grab. Go up the next jump point and you'll find a chest containing Bronze Bat Soup.

At the top of the former waterfall you'll find a doorway in the middle of the ice. Ignore it for a moment and run along the pathway to the east. At the other end you'll find another series of climb points to drop down. In front of another statue of a colossus you'll find a chest containing Golden Jelly. That grabbed, head back to the door and look on the right side of the structure it's built into. You'll find three Zoro's Cube Fragments.

Ice Block Ruins Entrance

Through the door you'll find a save point and another device for freezing and thawing the ruins. There are a number of doors branching off of this room, and two of them sport locks for which you do not have the proper key. Of course. Check along the south end of the room, to the right of the entrance pathway and down in the pit, to find two Zoro's Cube Fragments

(The ruins get a bit complicated at this point, so this guide will strive to be as efficient as possible in getting through the area.)

First Sub Experiment Room

Leave the State-Changing Device alone for the moment and head through the west door. Inside this room you'll find a Yoisa Shop that sells a Doeisa's Crown, as well as lesser Crowns in general. Slot these into your accessories for some significant stat boosts. Across the ice to the northwest you'll find a chest containing an ATK +301 Crown. This room has a gear mechanism that won't activate unless you first change the ice back to water, so do that now. This will lower the water level and allow you to get at a chest containing 28,000 Berries.

First Experiment Room

Reset everything - water level back to normal, ruins iced over - then go through the northern door from the State-Changing Machine. On your left and across the ice you'll find 32,000 Berries inside a chest. You can grapple up to the northern platform in this room via an icicle in the northwest. There's a door up here, and east of it is a chest containing Fruit Gator Punch.

North of this room you'll find a chamber with a lift, similar to the one from the Dust Ruins. With the ruins frozen it won't run, however, so don't worry about it for now. Check the west side of the room for a chest containing Thunder Soup. Southeast of here is a chamber with a State-Changing Device in the middle. Check behind it for two Sanji's Cube Fragments, then on the room's lower level for a chest containing a TP Charge Rate +25 Crown

Use the elevator. Rather than finding a shortcut back to the entrance you'll run into trouble.

Chilly-Chilly Bird

Weakness: Power, Fire

It... hits you. And not very hard. Your Power fighters will demolish this poor bird, particularly Sanji with his Fire-based Skills. Check the chest the Chilly-Chilly Bird was guarding for a Red Key.

Take the elevator back to the previous room, reset the ruins to ice in the room to the southeast, and head back to the starting point. With the Red Key in hand you can now go through doors marked with red locks. Save up so you don't have to repeat all that. You now have two doors to choose from, though since the one to the south currently leads to a dead end you ultimately have to go northeast.

Second Experiment Room

Switch the ruins to water, then go through the door. On your right is a gear for lowering the water in the room. Do so and you'll open the path to a side room. There are doors for Zoro to slice on either side of you. Both lead to the same spot, though if you take the doors on the left from the entrance you'll work your way up to a chest containing 32,000 Berries. In the middle of the room, accessible via the doors, is a chest containing three Walrus Ice Shells.

(You can walk around on the ice when the water is lowered to check the edges of this room, but there doesn't appear to be anything of interest. Don't worry about it.)

Raise the water level again, then freeze the room over. Head through the door in the northeast.


Drop down to the bottom of Accessway 1 to find the exit to Accessway 2. Heed Adio's advice and have Luffy grapple his way to the northeast. Look to your left and you'll see two more grapple points, one leading back to the entrance and the other to a chest. The chest contains 28,000 Berries. Drop into the pit to the right of the chest and hop back up a level to the south to find a chest containing a TP +125 Crown. On the platform north of this chest you'll find another chest, this containing three Elephant Tunas.

Return to the chest that held the TP +125 Crown and look behind and above it to find a grapple point. Check to your right upon landing to find a chest containing an Initial TP Value +25 Crown. Below you is a pit containing an enemy, as well as two Usopp's Cube Fragments. You can either jump down, grab it, and use the jump point at the other end of the pit... or just have Luffy snag the fragment from afar. Get close enough to the edge and he'll have room to snatch your prize.

Grapple north. There's a Wandering Clan's Journal sitting on the ground to your left, and straight ahead is the door out of the room.

Second Control Room

Next up is another hub room with a State-Changing Machine. North of the machine is a save point, and northwest of the machine Luffy can snatch two Nami's Cube Fragments off of a thin pillar. Set the ruins to have running water, then head through the door in the southeast. 

You'll find a room with another elevator. Check to your left from the entrance to find two Sanji's Cube Fragments, and look around the upper floor on the northwest side of the room for a chest containing 28,000 Berries. That done, hop onto the elevator.

In the next room you'll learn a bit more about Adio. Hop down to the lowest level and you'll find a gear at the end of the walkway that can change the level of the water. The next door is to your left from the controls, on the south side of the room. Look east of the exit door with Robin to find Information on Olassic Cubes.

Third Control Room

Another State-Changing Machine awaits, and south of it is a door. Don't change the ruins right now, as you want the elevator in the southern room to still be activate. Head inside, then look on your left for two paths beneath the nearest platform that only Chopper can access. The one further left that's harder to see at first glance contains an Usopp's Cube Fragment. Both paths will join up and take you to the top of the platform, where you'll find a chest containing an Initial TP Value +25 Crown.

Hop onto the elevator. It will bring you to another room, wheeeere...

Dogol Dragon

Weakness: Speed, Fire

This creature is a bit more impressive than the bird you fought at the end of the previous elevator, given that it has an AOE attack, but... it's still no big deal. Basically a glorified normal enemy. Franky's Skills will eliminate it pretty quickly, given its weakness to Fire.

The Dogol Dragon is guarding a chest that contains a Blue Key. Check behind the pillars and to the left of the chest before leaving and Robin can find Information on the Priestesses. Leave via the blue-locked door and you'll find a path to the dead-end room from earlier in the ruins. Pop open the chest in front of you for a Critical Rate +17 Crown, and check to the right of the chest for an Ice Block Tablet.

The other blue doors in the ruins just appear to be shortcuts at this point, so don't worry too much about them. Hop down from the platform and Robin will take a moment to translate a nearby tablet. Once she's done, check to the left of the southern door for three Luffy's Cube Fragments, then head inside.

Last Experiment Room

(If you don't care about getting items I recommend raising the water level and freezing everything before you enter this room. You need to do so to proceed, and getting it done in the Last Experiment Room is a pain in the butt.)

That's a colossus, all right, though you need to create a path to get to it. Start by checking to your left. There's a save point, as well as a door for Zoro to slice open. Inside is a chest containing a Burst Brew, three Luffy's Cube Fragments, and another door for Zoro. A chest containing three Dogol Dragon Frozen Meats waits on the other side of the second door.

Follow the path beyond the second door around the room. You'll see an observation point and a gear for changing the water level ahead. Look on your right before exploring further to find three Sanji's Cube Fragments and a Luffy's Cube Fragment. Near the observation point and on your right are three Chopper's Cube Fragments that only Luffy can grab. The gear is out of reach, so use Usopp to shoot it from below to raise the water, if it needs raising. If not, leave the gear alone.

Head back to the entrance in the north. To your right is a jump point, and beside it is a chest containing Elephant Tuna Sautee. Climb up and over the platforms, keeping an eye on your right as you drop back down so you don't miss the nearby Wandering Clan's Journal.

Ahead are pathways only Chopper can navigate. Head inside and check to your left at the first juncture to find three Zoro's Cube Fragments. South of the entrance and on your right you'll find a side chamber with a chest containing a Golden Jelly. South of here is the exit. Once you're on the other side, dip back in, staying to the right, to find two Usopp's Cube Fragments. (The camera is awful in this little area so you may need to fight with it a bit to find everything.)

On the other side you'll find a State-Changing Device. Use it to freeze the room, if everything's not already frozen, then backtrack. Assuming the water is raised and now frozen you'll have your path to the colossus.

Water Colossus

Weakness: Speed, Fire

Another simple battle, albeit painful. The Water Colossus will spend the vast majority of this fight using Freezing Truth on a single character, potentially Freezing them and otherwise doing quite a bit of damage. It can also use Frost Ice Spear on everybody, though this move seems pretty rare. Both attacks hurt characters who aren't even weak to Technique Skills pretty badly. Do enough damage and the Water Colossus can hit the whole party with Armed Frost King, which hurts quite a bit.

Put Chopper in your party to Cure anyone Frozen so they aren't out of the fight, then have Franky and Usopp pepper the Water Colossus with their Fire Skills. (Sanji talks big, but he takes too much damage to help much.) The two of them together can sap the Water Colossus of its health pretty quickly, so long as they're able to attack. Let Luffy finish the colossus off for some extra experience.

You'll receive the Water Colossus's Record Cube, the Water Colossus's Power, and a bunch of Cube Fragments for most of the party for defeating the Water Colossus. You'll also finish off the Ice Block Ruins, so well done to you. Head back to Adio's hut and Lim will be waiting, ready to whisk you off on another adventure through space and time... though it's not a place the Straw Hats seem prepared to go.

Part 27: Survive the Paramount War - Marineford

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