Part 23: Find an Escape Route - Bridge Pier

Main Walkthrough

The crew has returned to Waford yet again, and upon arrival they're met by Franky. He's fixed the Thousand Sunny, so technically they could all leave... well, aside from the fact that Brook is still missing his body. Maybe not. 

Franky officially joins the party at last, so you finally have a new, controllable character. Franky will likely be a little behind everyone else in power, and will need to do some catching up. You can get started on this by giving him a hearty dose of fused accessories. Franky joins Nami and Usopp as your third Speed member, and he can hold his own in combat just fine. (You can't run around as Franky or, as of this writing, change his outfit, however. Bummer.)

Speaking of accessories, it's worth noting now that, as of leaving Water Seven, Robin can now upgrade her Fuse Skill. You should max this out, as it allows you to fuse more accessories together, greatly raising the combat potential of the Straw Hats. Spend some time outfitting your favorite accessories and your team will become nigh-unstoppable.

Head back to Adio's hut. Nami wants to check out the Inland Sea, and with Lim disappearing for a bit you can't really go anywhere else anyway. Head to the eastern beach at the Inland Sea to confirm Nami's suspicions regarding Waford's origins, then head back to Adio's hut. Lim will be missing the crystal ball from her water jug, and she suspects that the Yoisa are to blame.

Head back south towards the beach and you'll find a Yoisa who will point the party towards the Thunderhead Ruins. Another Yoisa is hanging around out front, and it will send you to the beach where the Thousand Sunny is berthed. A final Yoisa is waiting on the southern beach. All three of them paint a grim picture of Lim.

The last Yoisa will send you to King Kong Garden, on the east side of the beach. (Look below for pieces of information Robin can find during your trip here.) Head back to the spot where you fought the Del Kong, on the west side of King Kong Garden, and you'll find a new challenger waiting.


Weakness: Technique

You need to work hard to lose this fight. Doeisa doesn't hit very hard, and the only thing it has going for it is the ability to Confuse your characters with its melee attacks. Put Robin and Zoro up front and maul the big monkey with strong Skills, healing characters with Chopper if they get too annoying while they're Confused. Easy peasy. Beat Doeisa with Luffy for extra experience.

You'll earn Cube Fragments for most of the crew when you defeat the Doeisa (not Robin or Franky, for some reason). The group will also retrieve the crystal for Lim's bottle, allowing the Straw Hats to travel to Memoria once more. Head back to Adio's hut and he'll have information on the next set of ruins, the Ice Block Ruins, and Franky can build a bridge over to them to the east of Adio's hut. You need Steel Bolts and Junk to build bridges with Franky.

You have a choice of what to do next at this point:

  • Speak to Adio and proceed to the Ice Block Ruins, continuing the storyline
  • Find Information with Robin
  • Head back to Water Seven via the Strange Place
We'll do the first two guides from now, and the third in the next guide. For the moment we're going to explore Waford and Alabasta again to pick up a bunch of pieces of information, now that Robin has her own field ability. The items you find via Robin only help you complete a few Objectives, and they require a lot of backtracking, so you may want to skip this part if you're in a hurry.

  • Robin can find Information on the Sky Tower on the second floor of Adio's hut. There's also Information on Waford's Past at the base of the tree beside the hut, among the roots on the south side.
  • Outside the entrance to King Kong Garden from the beach Robin can find Diplomacy Records. Just inside the entrance, by the save point, Robin will find Information on the 12 Towers.
  • Follow the main path of King Kong Garden and you'll find Information on Island Clouds along the eastern path of King Kong Garden, after the second grapple point.
  • Check by the shipwreck in the north of King Kong Garden and Robin will find Information on Waford's Past.
  • Jump to the Yoisa Sign in the west of King Kong Garden. Robin will find Information on Doeisa sitting beside the sign.
  • If you check the Circular Inland Sea - the area in the north of the Inland Sea, past the Lake Shore Cave - Robin can find Information on Memoria. It's through the little cave that requires Chopper to lead the way. Check the circular clearing on the east side of Circular Inland Sea and Robin can also find Information on the Divine Breath at the bottom of a stone pillar. (There also happens to be a Wandering Clan's Journal on top of the pillar.)
  • At the base of the cliff rocks that hold up the Thunderhead Ruins, a little ways north of the southeastern Yoisa Sign and Madame Stonely, Robin can find Information on Olassic Cubes.
  • Sitting out front of the Thunderhead Ruins is Information on the Colossi.
  • Robin will find more Information on the Colossi inside the Thunderhead Ruins if you make a trip to the first room with lightning machines, a short way into the ruins.
  • Robin will find Information on the 12 Towers in the Thunderhead Ruins if you travel to the save point just south of the colossus' room.
  • Robin can find Information on the Colossi out front of the Dust Ruins.
  • Inside the Dust Ruins and to the west of the entrance, on the way to the elevator, Robin can find Information on the Priestesses.

And, of course, we can't forget Alabasta! Have fun!

  • Visit the small, pillar-filled area to the south of the Ravine of No Return and Robin will find some Information on Eisa.
  • Robin can find Information on the Synthesizer in the third clearing of the Ravine of No Return, after you head east twice. It's partially hidden beside a stone statue of a head and a palm tree.
  • Visit Spiral Canyon with Robin in the lead and she'll find Information on Eisa at the entrance, near the bottom of the canyon. The Yoisa Sign at the top of the canyon, inside the Sandy Ruins, will get you there the fastest.
  • Robin can find Diplomacy Records along the bone-strewn pathway in the north of the Sandy Ruins. They're sitting behind a block on the right as you make your way west.
  • Check the bottom of the stairs leading up to the palace in Alubarna and Robin will find more Diplomacy Records.
  • There's Information on Island Clouds in front of the Royal Mausoleum, while you're still in Alubarna.
  • Have Robin inspect the room where you fought Crocodile on the top floor of the Royal Mausoleum to find Information on Waford's Past. It's sitting on your right as you enter the room with the big, stone cube at the end. (I believe it is called a poneglpyh.)
  • Lead Robin down to B3F of the Royal Mausoleum, to the vertical room with the broken floor. Sitting between some torches as you head downward is Information on the Strange Place.
  • Head down to B4F of the Royal Mausoleum and cross the platform that stretches from the four animal-themed floor tiles that you lit earlier in the game. On the central platform Robin can find Information on the Warriors. Descend to the lowest level of this floor, on the west side, and in a smll treasure room Robin can also find Information on the 12 Towers.

While you're in Alabasta you'll probably come across a few broken bridges that you saw earlier in the game. Franky can repair these, like the one near Adio's camp, though you need Carbon Bolts to do the job. Unlike the Junk that you can find at random Carbon Bolts seems to be in specific locations, none of which you can reach right now. We'll revisit Franky's bridge-building career later.

Time to speak to Adio? Not quite. First we need to make a return trip to Water Seven, and check out all those delicious side quests that unlocked when we defeated Rob Lucci.

Part 25: Water Seven Side Content

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