Location: Water Seven City Area
Petitioner: Proprietress Lucie
Reward: Aroma Ring, 35,000 Berries
Objective Reward: Rundown Ball

In order to trigger this Side Story you need to first finish up with the main storyline in Water Seven. Once you've traveled to Enies Lobby and defeated Rob Lucci you'll find a slew of new side content spread throughout Water Seven City Area. Travel to Kajika, a tavern in the Front of Mayoral Residence area in the north of Water Seven, to begin the Side Story.

The propretress of Kajika, Lucie, wants to drum up more business for her tavern. She thinks tourists would have opinions on such matters. Problem is, they don't tend to show up at the tavern, and she can't leave to hunt any down since she's busy working. She asks the Straw Hats to head to the Cats All Over bar and ask around.

You'll find Cats All Over in Elevator - Top Floor, the area in the southwest of Water Seven. Speak to the three customers with blue lines over their heads - two at tables, one at the bar - to receive some advice on running a successful business. Take this information back to Lucie and she'll decide that she needs some fragrant perfumes to make her establishment a bit more popular. 

Leave Water Seven altogether and pay a visit to Nanohana, in Alabasta. In the northwest of Nanohana, a short walk west of the Spice Bean tavern, you'll find the Aroma and Armor Shop. Speak to Aroma, the woman behind the counter, and she'll give you Men's Cologne. Take it back to Lucie to receive your reward and end the Side Story.