The culmination of several extremely-successful action RPGs, Elden Ring is more or less exactly what experienced players expected out of a new FromSoftware title. Picking up where the Dark Souls series left off, Elden Ring is a dark, brutal, unforgiving open world adventure that pits you against no less than a gang of gods. Pulling familiar mechanics from older FromSoftware games while adding in new touches, Elden Ring nevertheless remains true to most FromSoftware experiences: Until you learn how to play, you are going to die. A lot.

And even after you learn, you will still die. A lot. Just... not as often.

The guides on this page are pulled from a series originally published on HubPages. Since Elden Ring can be played in just about any order you like, there is no singular path laid out by this walkthrough. Expect to jump back and forth between guides as you explore the land. New guides will be added as I get to them.

Major Dungeons

Minor Dungeons

Catacombs / Tombs



Other Locations

Boss Guides

NPC Questlines