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As you explore the world of Jack Move you'll run into plenty of NPCs, and if you speak to the right people you'll occasionally receive side missions. Known as Secondary Objectives, these tasks typically involve finding an item for the quest giver and bringing it back to them. Standard RPG fare, in other words, and you can get some pretty great prizes if you appease the right people.

This guide will take you through the Secondary Objectives of Jack Move. You can see your active Secondary Objectives via the Objectives menu, near the bottom of the main menu. Some Secondary Objectives are connected to each other, so this guide will group them together for convenience's sake.

Missing Item Quintet

The first set of Secondary Objectives you can stumble across are all linked together, and involve finding items for people, most of them in Bright Town. The rewards for all but the final mission are handed off to the next person in line.

Find the little Bright Town girl's doll

NPC: Heartbroken Girl

Location: Bright Town

Reward: A Dangerous Gun

Near the entrance of Deck Lord in the center of Bright Town's largest district is a Heartbroken Girl who has lost her doll. Go to Noa's Neighborhood in lower Bright Town and speak to her landlord, outside Noa's apartment. He'll give you the doll, which you can hand off to the Heartbroken Girl.

Help the mafioso in the Slums reunite with his girl

NPC: Dejected Mafioso

Location: The Slums - Cash City

Reward: Button

In the south of Cash City, on the other side of the Slums, is a Dejected Mafioso who is missing someone - something - named 'Monika'. He's standing beside the TransSpire, and can be a bit hard to see. Bring him the Dangerous Gun from the Heartbroken Girl for your reward.

Help the cold gent in Bright Town get warm

NPC: Cold Older Gent

Location: Bright Town

Reward: A Fancy Fountain Pen

In the north of Bright City, not far from the guarded entrance to MonoCity 01, is a Cold Older Gent holding an umbrella. He needs a Button for his coat, which was given to you by the Dejected Mafioso.

The business lady in the City is missing her lucky pen

NPC: Anxious Business Lady

Location: MonoCity 01

Reward: A Cool Video Game

On the east side of MonoCity 01, idling near the DataZone kiosk, is an Anxious Business Lady who has lost her pen. You received the Fancy Fountain Pen from the Cold Older Gent.

The kid in Bright Town is dying to play the newest gaming hit

NPC: Bummed Out Youngster

Location: Bright Town - Noa's Neighborhood

Reward: Turbo Ware

Just north of Noa's apartment in Noa's Neighborhood are three kids, and one of them is eager to play the latest video game. You can get this Secondary Objective early in Jack Move, but until you've procured the Cool Video Game from the Anxious Business Woman in MonoCity 01 there's nothing you can do about the quest. Bring the Youngster the Cool Video Game once you have it to earn your reward for this sequence of Objectives (which, in fairness, is actually a really good piece of Software).

V-Sync's Missions

The next four Secondary Objectives revolve around V-Sync, a purple-haired man who will hang out in The Strix after you've completed Abner's Basement. V-Sync will task Noa will picking up item boxes in various places. You keep the items inside each box.

Find the Monomind Stash somewhere in the Slums

Reward: 3 Data Packets

The Monomind Stash is located in the first section of the Slums, just south of the entrance to Bright Town. Look to the southwest of the stairs and you'll see a lit, chain-link fence with a red circle in front of it. The box is waiting here.

Get to the Mafia drop in Bright Town for a cheeky win!

Reward: 3 Health Packets

After completing the previous mission you can go back to V-Sync for this quest. The Mafia drop is in the northwest of the largest area of Bright Town, behind a shop called Model Mayhem.

Find the lost winnings somewhere at Monomind HQ

Reward: 3 Deflektor Packets

V-Sync will claim that Noa isn't ready for more missions until you've gained access to MonoCity 01. Speak to him again and he'll tell you to look around Monomind HQ for some 'lost winnings'. Head to the outer section of Monomind Headquarters and check the alleyways on the east side for the box. 

Find the Monomind cache at the Monomind Loading Dock

Reward: Crit Chip

Trek back to V-Sync after finding the Deflektor Packets and he'll tell you about a Monomind cache that's by the Monomind Loading Dock, which you need to access to infiltrate Monomind Headquarters. The Loading Dock is located down a street on the northwest side of the plaza in front of the Headquarters. You'll find the box on the right side of the outer Loading Dock.

(You get very little dialogue if you walk back and speak to V-Sync after completing this mission, so don't go out of your way. The Objectives chain is done.)

Other Secondary Objectives

Hack Monomind's Intrusive TransSpires

NPC: Zut

Location: Bright Town

Reward: BlitzBooster

Standing just south of Ryder's apartment in northern Bright Town is a man named Zut, and he'll appear after you've visited Ryder for the first time. Zut hates the big, flashy TransSpires advertising MonoMind's products, and he gives Noa a program to hijack and vandalize the things. You'll find three TransSpires throughout Jack Move:
  • The first is in Bright Town, to the west of where Zut is standing. You can mess it up by interacting with the controls at the base of the TransSpire.
  • The second is in Cash City, on the far side of the Slums. You'll find it to your right as you head south through Cash City.
  • The third is in the public section of Monomind Headquarters, just north of the entrance. 
Defacing all three will earn you your reward from Ryder.

Deliver Dash's unknown goods to Riggs in the Slums

NPC: Dash

Location: Bright Town

Reward: Ware Booster

During your first trip to the central section of Bright Town you can meet a green-haired Mafia member on the northwest side of the area, to the left of a DataZone kiosk. Keep speaking to him whenever you return to this area and eventually he'll reveal that his name is Dash. 

Once you complete Pigdog's Scrapyard and return to Bright Town, speak to Dash. He'll give you this Secondary Objective, and ask that you take Riggs' Trade to Riggs himself. Riggs is in Cash Town, on the other side of the Slums. You'll find him just south of the TransSpire. Speaking to Riggs will give you another Secondary Objective, Job Done: Run back to Dash!, and all you need to do to complete the sequence is speak to Dash again.

Search east of town for Teff's lost goods

NPC: Teff

Location: Bright Town

Reward: Ware Firewall

After Noa's apartment is ransacked and you're sent to the Slums you'll find a group of three guys near The Strix. (If you don't get this quest here they will move inside The Strix later on.) One of them, Teff, has misplaced an important package for Guin, and says he lost it somewhere on Bright Town River. The entrance to Bright Town River is in the northeast of Bright Town.

Bright Town River requires Noa to be around level 17 or higher, as the enemies within are quite powerful. (You can also just turn encounters off, if you wish.) Make your way through Bright Town River until you reach a heap of rubble that bridges two sides of the culvert running through the area. Cross to the left side and go south. This path will lead you back a screen, where you'll find Teff's Lost Goods. Take them to Teff for your reward.

Main Walkthrough