Part 11: MonoFacility 23

Main Walkthrough

Krall isn't about to give up when she's so close to victory, and Noa is forced to follow the CEO of Monomind into a new, violet-colored version of the Virtual Construct, now known as the Monomind Mainframe. Though it looks different the Mainframe has the same enemies as the Virtual Construct from earlier in the game, albeit beefed up just a little bit:

  • Binary Blobula - 5,500 HP. Weak to Wetware. Explodes if you hit one three times without killing it, damaging everything around it - including Noa. The results aren't too bad, but still.
  • Mainframe Ghost - 1,200 HP. Weak to Wetware. Becomes intangible for a few turns when hit. Can Scream to scare Noa, greatly reducing her physical damage output. Doesn't have much health, and should be scrapped as quickly as you can if you rely on Hack to do most of your damage.
  • Mainframe Protector - 3,000 HP. Weak to Wetware. Has a lot of health, but sticks to straightforward attacks. Nothing special.
  • Mainframe Virus - 2,500 HP. Weak to Wetware. Can Replicate itself, creating an egg that turns into a fully-fledged Mainframe Virus within two turns. Worth wiping out quickly if you don't want to endlessly fight enemies.
  • Tormented Soul - 3,200 HP. Weak to Wetware. One of the lower-tier enemies that can largely be ignored until last.

Trek through the purple landscape of the Monomind Mainframe to the next glyph to the north. It appears to have an obvious destination, which, of course, means that you get zapped somewhere completely different. You'll appear near three glyphs, and Krall will gloat that you will never make your way through her trap.

This puzzle is simple enough. Two of the three glyphs will put you into a battle with enemies, while the third will send you further into the Mainframe. You'll need to overcome a few of these glyph puzzles to make your way through to the end of the Mainframe:

  • In the first puzzle you need to enter the glyph that has a glowing rock beside it - namely, the glyph in the middle.
  • In the second puzzle you need to choose the glyph that's the 'odd one out'. All three glyphs are near glowing rocks, but the right glyph only has two rocks beside it, not three.
  • In the third puzzle Krall will mention a 'third' member. There are three rocks beside the glyph on the left, so that's the one you should use.

Completing the glyph puzzle will shoot you back east, to a rocky head that looks frighteningly familiar. Save your game, then step inside. You'll be healed just before a battle begins, and, yes, it's the last one of Jack Move. Good luck!

Final Krall

99,999 (Final Krall), 9,999 (Conduits)

At last, a chance to pummel this jerk. Final Krall consists of five components: Krall herself, as well as four Conduits, each related to a type of attack. Krall spends most of the fight using a four-hit Software called Online Onslaught that uses each attack type (Cyberware, Wetware, Electroware, and physical attacks). Final Krall will also debuff you over time, causing each type to do more damage. If you don't reverse the debuffs, in other words, Online Onslaught will get more painful as the battle progresses. Even worse, after each debuff Krall will use one of Noa's Jack Moves against her, inflicting a ton of damage. If you don't keep Noa's health above 1,000 HP or so there's a good chance you'll get wiped out with a single attack.

Oh, and you don't get to use Jack Moves yourself. They're under Krall's control. Man, that sucks. Gotta do something about that.

If you have a lot of HP in general you can ignore Online Onslaught and the debuff effects, but most of the time it's best to use buffs to counteract the holes Krall pokes in your defenses. Ware Firewall on its own will buff three of the four attack categories, if you have it, though if not you'll need to use other Software attacks to dispel the debuffs. That aside, pick one of the four Conduits and use the best Software weakness you have on it to get rid of the thing:
  • Cyber Conduit is weak to Wetware
  • Wetware Conduit is weak to Electroware
  • Electro Conduit is weak to Cyberware
  • Physical Conduit is weak to everything but physical attacks
If you're using Ware Firewall to get rid of debuffs then the Physical Conduit is the best first target, as Ware Firewall doesn't provide a boost to plain ol' Defense. Each Conduit you destroy will weaken Online Onslaught, removing one attack from the sequence and making your job a little bit easier. You'll also regain control of the stolen Jack Move, and they can be quite useful for hitting the rest of the group of enemies.

You want to remove the Jack Moves from Krall's repertoire, as they're by far the most damaging attacks Krall has. On the plus side, however, you'll know one is coming - and which - when a Conduit begins to glow. On Krall's next turn she will debuff that Conduit's attack type and then hit you hard immediately after with the Jack Move. Since you can see the Jack Move coming you can use Cache to drastically cut down on the damage you take, then receive an extra turn for Noa to heal up and go back on the offensive.

Once you take out the four Conduits Final Krall will begin to take the forms of bosses you've previously defeated. When this happens you just need to target the weaknesses of each form and keep Noa healed so their attacks don't take her down:

  • Dr. Qadir is weak to Electroware attacks
  • The Enforcinator is weak to physical attacks
  • The Construct is weak to Wetware attacks
  • Pigdog is weak to Cyberware attacks

Krall will continue to cycle through these forms until you get her down to half of her health... which can take a while, since she has 99,999 HP. It's not a difficult process, but you can run into trouble if you start to run low on restorative items. Once you hit half of Krall's health Ryder will trick the CEO, drastically reducing her HP and giving you the opening you need to end the fight.

Defeating Krall will trigger the ending cinematic, and after some dramatic developments the game will come to a close. Congrats! You've beaten Jack Move! Now, how long will it be until we see a sequel...?

Main Walkthrough