It's been a long, gross, dangerous, smarmy journey, but Noa is properly on the bootheels of her Monomind enemies. When you first arrive in MonoFacility 23 you'll be in the Canteen, and you should use the vending machine to heal up after the trip through the Sewers. If your level is a little low for the area you can also use the Canteen as a means of powering up Noa for the battles to come.

As is expected for one of the final areas, you'll run into some new enemies while you're exploring MonoFacility 23:
  • Hazmat Crew - 3,500 HP. Weak to Electroware. Can poison Noa, making them an instant irritation. Take 'em out early.
  • Monomind Commando - 3,000 HP. Weak to all. Swift and painful, but quite frail to most Software attacks. A solid first target.
  • Murder Mech - 5,000 HP. Slow but durable. Has a preference for Electroware attacks.
  • Riot Enforcer - 7,500 HP. Chucks grenades of all three attack types, but requires two moves to do so. Has a ton of health and isn't a big deal, so you can leave these guys for last.
  • Senior Lab Tech - 3,000 HP. Weak to physical attacks. Buffs allies then debuffs Noa. Can also do a surprising amount of damage with their normal attack. Should be dealt with promptly before they cause too much trouble.
  • Spook - 7,500 HP. Basically an upgraded M-Man. Has a ton of health but is otherwise unremarkable.

Once you leave the Cantine you'll be on the Upper Concourse. Check to the west of the entrance to find a box containing an I.C.E. Breaker Packet, hidden beneath a twisting set of stairs. Climb the stairs to find a path to the next room over, where you'll find a control for something called a drivechain. Set it in motion, then head back to the Upper Concourse.

There are two boxes on the edges of the southern end of the Upper Concourse. The one to the east contains a Super Health Packet, while the one in the far south contains a Super Data Packet. Further west you'll see a third box tucked beneath some stairs. This one contains a Mega Ware Chip. Go up the stairs to find the Elevator Control, which you should activate, as well as a final box containing a System Cycle Packet.

Enter the wide door to the east of the stairs to Elevator Control. Inside is a lift that you have now activated. Use the controls on the left and it will shuttle you down to the Lower Concourse. Head west and Noa will have a barely-civilized chat with Krall.

Next up is the Catwalk. You'll start running into new enemies in this area:
  • Blobula - 6,500 HP. Weak to all. Similar to the other Blobulas, but with a lot more health and a much stronger normal attack move. Jack Moves are ideal if you want to avoid the explosion.
  • Biotic Blobula - 6,500 HP. Weak to Electroware. A Blobula with fewer weaknesses. You know how to deal with these things by now.
  • Buzzing Blobula - 6,500 HP. Weak to Cyberware. See above.
  • Mega Drone - 7,500 HP. Spends most of its time keeping Noa slowed. Annoying, but not as painful as it looks.
  • Monomind Security Brute - 11,011 HP. Has a ton of health and will go into a Roid Rage when alone, inflicting upwards of 500+ points of damage with a single attack. If possible, defeat these guys first so they don't Roid Rage. Otherwise all you can do is stay healed, potentially debuff their physical attacks, and use strong Software to wipe them out in a hurry. Ow.
There's a control console on the Catwalk that activates a nearby lift, but a blown fuse keeps it from working. You need to flip the breakers by the fuse in the correct order to get things running again. You can do this now through trial-and-error, though you can also just find the code by continuing west along the Catwalk. We'll do this since there's stuff to be found down the next hallway.

In the west you'll find stairs leading to Engineering. There's a vending machine at the top of the stairs that you can use to restore Noa, and at the bottom of the stairs is a computer that will take you to the Virtual Construct. Near the computer is a note that will reveal the order of the breakers you need to flip to activate the elevator fuse, namely 2-3-1-4. Hidden between machinery on the left side of this small room is a box containing a Super Health Packet. Beneath the stairs leading back upstairs is a path to an elevator that will get you there a little more quickly.

Activate the fuse with the 2-3-1-4 sequence - the breakers run from left to right, for numbering purposes - then save and use the panel in the northeast of the Catwalk to lower the lift far above. Ryder will share a scene with Krall, and once it's over Noa will be facing quite a potent opponent. You'll receive the Poly Deflektor Software just before the battle begins.


12,200 HP x 4

What would a cyberpunk game be without a Gundam-esque robot? The Enforcinator is a powerful opponent, and the battle's a lot longer than it may initially look. At first the Enforcinator will only be vulnerable to physical attacks, but once you run through its HP it'll regain its health and become vulnerable to Cyberware attacks instead. Next time it will change to an Electroware vulnerability, and, last, a Wetware vulnerability. Once you've chewed up its Wetware health the Enforcinator will finally bite the dust.

Despite the weakness changes the fight remains more or less the same throughout, and the Enforcinator will do most of its damage with strong physical attacks, inflicting upwards of 300 points of damage in a single turn. Ow. Throw up Blockade Software to deaden these attacks, and consider using Disarm on the Enforcinator to further reduce its damage output. You'll have to deal with healing surges that will fully restore the Enforcinator, but for the most part pummeling the Enforcinator with Software attacks and Jack Moves (which, you will note, charge up quickly here) will get you through the fight.

Hop on the lift after the Enforcinator is gone and ride up to the top. On your right at the top is a box containing a Deflektor Packet. The next room to the north is the Compuhub where you saw Ryder and Krall earlier. Use the vending machine on the west side of the Compuhub to restore Noa, if need be, then go through one of the two doors in the north. They both lead to the Medihub...

... where you'll see Ryder being threatened by Krall. A big scene revealing Krall's motivations follows, and once it's done you'll get a final chance to stock up on supplies, as Ryder becomes a portable Deck Lord vendor. Super Health Packets and Super Data Packets are good purchases, if nothing else. Inspect the console in the north to jump into the last area of the game, the Monomind Mainframe.