Part 9: Monomind Headquarters

Main Walkthrough

After the debacle of Monomind Headquarters Noa is kicked out of the megacorporation's office, and spends a month in her uncle's bar. Tired of Noa's new attitude, Guin suggests she speak to the AI Abner inside the Virtual Construct. You can reach him via the computer console on the second floor of The Strix. (Or dozens of other places in Bright Town / MonoCity 01.) AI Abner, in turn, suggests Noa go visit Ryder... quickly.

Head to Ryder's apartment in Bright Town. Noa discovers quite a bit about Ryder's state of mind from a recording, and after a moment of despair she resolves to join Guin in ending things once and for all. Guin tells Noa to meet him at a bunker on the Bright Town River, just northeast of Ryder's apartment. This is your last chance to speak to everyone in Bright Town and finish up any Secondary Objectives that you haven't completed, so make sure you tie up all the loose ends before you trek out to Bright Town River.

(This walkthrough visited Bright Town River earlier in Jack Move, as it has been open to exploration more or less from the beginning. If you didn't check it out earlier, this guide will give you some direction. By this point you will be more than powerful enough to demolish the enemies along the River.)

At the end you'll find the door to the bunker, though this time you can go inside. This is The Nightowls' Bunker, and Guin will explain the plan to end Monomind for good. He'll also give you the Segmentation Fault Jack Move before moving into the back room of the Bunker. The Mule will sell you any last-minute items, if you need them, and there's a vending machine back by Guin for restoring Noa's health. 

Go talk to Guin to trigger the final phase of Jack Move. He'll warn you that you're about to hit a point of no return, and the game will warn you that you should be at least level 21 before you proceed into the sewers. If you're not that strong - or you're just not ready to stop exploring - take a step back. Otherwise...

The Sewers

Yep, that's a point of no return if ever there was one. The Sewers, unsurprisingly, are populated by enemies:

  • Cybat - 3,000 HP. Weak to Wetware. Can scare Noa and weaken her attacks. This fact alone makes them worthy of a swift kill.
  • Tough Bio Drone - 4,000 HP. Weak to Electroware. Hits hard and fast, and has a lot of health. Its attacks can inflict poison on Noa. Software it to death.
  • Tough Compu-Mutt - 3,000 HP. Weak to Wetware. Buffs stuff. You know the drill. Destroy these things fast, if you can. Has more health than the average dog enemy, but still works more or less the same as the rest.
  • Tough Synth-Hound - 800 HP. Weak to Electroware. A different-but-same version of the Tough Compu-Mutt, albeit with less health.

The Sewers consist of parallel walkways that snake around with the flow of the water. Follow your side of the path north, until you find the Bridge Control A room. Activate the device on the left to lower a bridge in the previous area, on your right. Follow the eastern walkway south to find a Super Data Packet, then take the exit on the north end of the walkway. This will bring you to the Main Chamber, where much of the action of the Sewers takes place.

Follow the path north in Main Chamber until you reach a sort of central island with several connected bridges. Continue northeast from here and you'll find the Bridge Control B room. Use the machine inside to lower a bridge on the west side of the island back in the previous area. Beyond it is Pump Station 01, and the machine inside will lower the water in the Main Chamber.

Walk back east in the Main Chamber, then head north. You'll find stairs that will take you down onto the walkways that were previously submerged. Beside the stairs is a box containing 2,000 credits, and if you keep walking north onto the next screen you'll find another box containing a Super Data Packet. Head south from the stairs and you'll find a path that leads back to the first area of the Sewers, where you can now get at a pair of boxes you probably noticed earlier. The first contains a Deflektor Packet, while the second contains a Mega Assault Chip

Also to the south of the stairs in the Main Chamber is a path leading west and north. This circuitous walkway will leading you to Pump Station 02. Tinker with the main pump to drain the last of the water out of the Sewers. Go through the door on the right of Pump Station 02 and you'll come out near Bridge Control B, which you may have noticed earlier contains some stairs that we ignored. Go down them and you'll find a door that will now open, putting you on the lowest level of the Main Chamber.

Follow the path north through the Main Chamber and into the Pump Room. Climb the stairs ahead to find a box on your right containing a Super Health Packet, as well as more stairs. At the top you'll discover a door leading to MonoFacility 23, the end of the road for your adventure.

Main Walkthrough