Part 8: MonoCity 01

Main Walkthrough

(Quick note: This article covers the enemy-filled areas of Monomind Headquarters that are found beyond the Loading Dock. If you're looking for the outer area filled with NPCs that is also called Monomind Headquarters, consult the MonoCity 01 article instead. The link is above this paragraph.)

One hastily-delivered pizza later, Noa is within the Warehouse of Monomind Headquarters. The combat kicks in once you're indoors, and you'll be faced with the best security forces Monomind has to offer as you explore the Headquarters:

  • Electro Drone - 3,000 HP. Weak to Cyberware. Is fast, and inflicts heavy Electroware damage. Should be your first priority when present.
  • Monomind Security Brute - 3,300 HP. Uses strong Electroware attacks, and will undergo a Roid Rage when alone, becoming more powerful Is neither strong nor weak against anything, so go with your best attacks. 
  • Mega Mech - 3,000 HP. Weak to Cyberware. Uses a combination of Electroware and normal attacks, typically doing over 100 points of damage with each hit. Fairly dangerous, but mercifully slow.
  • Monomind Lieutenant - 1,500 HP. Weak to all. A stronger, but still terribly ineffective, version of Monomind Security.
  • Tough Troni-Dog - 1,000 HP. Weak to Cyberware. Buffs other foes, like every mechanical dog. Wipe 'em out before they get the chance.

The Warehouse is a puzzle consisting of two moving platforms. You can trigger them by using the consoles marked 'A' and 'B', which moves the corresponding platform across the room. Follow this sequence to make it through the Warehouse:

  • Ignore the consoles to start and run down the northern path between the Warehouse racks. To the east you'll find a box containing a Mega Armor Chip.
  • Trigger both the A and B console, then climb onto the elevator on the right side of the Warehouse and ride it to the top of the racks. To the southeast is a box containing a Health Packet.
  • Run west, over the A platform, then trigger the A console on the upper racks to move the platform north. Run across the B and A platforms to the center of the Warehouse.
  • You're now standing on a rack with two more consoles, one of them for a C platform. Trigger the C console to move it south.
  • Cross the C platform and head north. All done.
IMPORTANT NOTE! It is possible to fall off of the top end of the A platform when it is positioned in the north. This will place you behind the platform, and you'll be stuck. Do not save your game if this happens. Immediately close Jack Move instead and reopen it. The game will have auto-saved back at the entrance of the Warehouse.

You'll find yourself in the Lobby once you leave the Warehouse. New enemies start to show up out here:
  • Executive Power Dresser - 1,500 HP. Weak to all. Fast, but defensively poor. One strong Software move will do 'em in.
  • Special Agent - 4,000 HP. Throws up defensive buffs for allies, and otherwise just attacks physically. Has a lot of health, so you're likely better off just defeating their allies first.
To the northeast of the entrance is an elevator. Check south of the elevator for a box containing a Data Packet, then climb aboard the elevator. It'll take you up to a large door leading into the Lounge. Check inside and you'll notice that it's the room from Abner's earlier memories, but no one's inside. Check the couch in the middle of the Lounge for a note that hints at Abner's whereabouts, then check the box in the top-left corner of the Lounge for 500 credits.

Head back into the Lobby and hop on the elevator in the east. It will take you down one level to a much larger elevator on your right. It will take you up to the R&D Level, where you'll be surrounded by computers. There's a box sitting beside a computer on your left that contains a Super Data Packet, and another box in the northeast corner of the room contains a Super Health Packet. Use the elevator in the northwest corner to reach the upper floor, then go through the door on your right.

You'll wind up in a room with, well, brains. Floating brains. There are more new enemies here:
  • Binary Blobula - 3,750 HP. Weak to Wetware. Will explode if hit too many times without killing it, though by this point in the game one Software attack and one normal Hack should do it in without an explosion. If you run into one of these with its other Blobula counterparts you should consider hitting them all with Jack Moves.
  • Biotic Blobula - 3,750 HP. Weak to Electroware. Different-themed version of the Binary Blobula.
  • Buzzing Blobula - 3,750 HP. Weak to Cyberware. Different-themed version of the Binary Blobula.
  • Electro Drone - 3,000 HP. Weak to Cyberware. Hits hard, but will crumple to its weakness.
  • Lab Tech - 2,000 HP. Weak to physical attacks. Buffs allies, but is pretty weak on his own.
  • Tough Cyber Drone - 3,000 HP. Weak to Wetware. The Cyberware version of the Electro Drone.

Check the box beside the brain on the right for a Health Packet, then head north. (The computer nearby will send you to the Virtual Construct. You don't need to go in there yet.) At the far end of the hall you'll find two doorways labeled 'Reactor'. Both doors lead to the same connecting hallway, though the door on the right will first bring you to a box containing 1,000 credits.

There's a vending machine in the next hallway, which should clue you in on what's coming. Dr. Qadir is back, and his violent quackery is on full display once again.

Ultima Qadir

32,300 HP (Ultima Qadir), 10,000 HP (Barrel Bazooka), 10,000 HP (Glorp Cannon Mk. 2)

This guy just gets weirder and weirder. Accompanied by two Secret Agents that can buff each other, this version of Qadir consists of three segments: The main body, the Barrel Bazooka, and the Glorp Cannon Mk. 2. The two side pieces allow Qadir to use the Mega Glorp Blast, which lowers Noa's Wetware Defense, and Barrel Blast, which takes advantage of the Wetware Defense deficit. Qadir's main move is a Ram Slam, a physical attack that will do over 100 points of damage.

Start the battle by wiping out the Secret Agents, then Qadir's two component weapons. All four targets can quickly be wiped out with a Jack Move, if you have one charged up. Otherwise just use your most powerful Software attacks. Getting rid of the Bazooka and the Cannon will get rid of Qadir's many resistances, leaving him resistant to physical attacks only. Qadir will thereafter use a Large Charge / Laser Face attack over two turns that further takes advantage of the Wetware weakness, so you may want to buff your Wetware Defenses with Software. Caching a move will also boost your defenses against the attack a bit, since you'll know exactly when it's coming. Overclock yourself if you can and use Software to demolish Qadir once again.

Defeating Dr. Qadir will clear the room. Backtrack to the vending machine for a quick heal, then head north. Check behind the left side of the central tube to find a hidden box containing a Data Packet. Head up the stairs and north to the next room, then hop on the elevator on your right to reach the upper level. Krall's Office is next door...

... and, at long last, daughter and father are reunited. Briefly. A lot happens in a short period of time, and when all is said and done you're shunted out of Monomind Headquarters, back to Bright Town.

Part 10: The Sewers

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