Main Walkthrough


The Village of the Albinaurics is a little difficult to pinpoint on the world map because it's hidden beneath a huge promontory, topped by a temple that you won't reach until much later in the game. Travel west along the southern shores of Liurnia of the Lakes until you come to a swampy area that will damage both you and Torrent. 

Use the horse to avoid damage and hug the southern cliffs as you travel west. So long as you stick to the rocks you'll soon come to a grassy slope leading away from the water, along which you'll see a series of hanging poles. Go up this slope and you'll soon be within the Village of the Albinaurics, such as it is.

Village of the Albinaurics

As you make your way up the slope you'll hear people crying to themselves. These are Albinaurics, and depending on the circumstances they will either ignore you completely or crawl towards you and try to attack your feet. You can kill ignore these first few as you see fit.

Travel west until you're beneath a stone bridge. If you met her in Stormveil Castle and spoke to her again in Roundtable Hold, Nepheli Loux will will waiting under the bridge. Exhaust her dialogue and you'll have the opportunity to summon her for the final battle in the Village of the Albinaurics. More on that below.

Continue up the slope until you see a large number of Albinaurics loitering around. To your right are a few stone coffins, and behind one of them is a Larval Tear. If you attack one of the Albinaurics or collect the Larval Tear the whole bunch will start to come towards you. It's not a difficult fight, given how slow the things are, but be ready to face a whole mob. You can summon in help if they prove too much.

Further west you'll find the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace, as well as a Summoning Pool. You'll also find a rickety wooden bridge that extends to another nearby island, where an Albinauric spellcaster waits to blast you. Another spellcaster, and a few other 'normal' Albinaurics, are also waiting here. Check along the edges of the north side of this island for a Crystal Sword. There's also an Albinauric Bloodclot behind a tree that's sitting beside the bridge.

Head back across the bridge and go up the slope beside the Summoning Pool. At the top you'll find a Depraved Perfumer, a mixed melee / ranged opponent who will toss out clouds of sparkling dust that quickly turn to fire. These guys are a major pain close up, so if you can't sneak up on him you should stick to ranged attacks to get the kill.

Ignore the stone bridge that leads off of this section of the village for a moment and check all the way east. You'll find a grave with an Ivory Sickle attached to it. You'll also find a conspicuous pot. Attack or move near it and the 'pot' will reveal itself as Albus, an Albinauric who is on his last legs. He'll give you the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right), which is an important part of accessing a significant secret area in Elden Ring.

(Note that just having the Medallion in your inventory will prompt Ensha, the bodyguard back in Roundtable Hold, to attack you the next time you visit. He's easy to kill, and doing so will earn you the Clinging Bone. Check the spot where he was standing before to receive the Royal Remains Set.)

The final obstacle in the village is the long, stone bridge leading north. Along it you'll find a slew of Albinaurics that will either try to grapple you or zap you with Glintstone Pebbles. Carve a path through them however you see fit. There's a Scarab on the other side that will restore your Flasks, which should be a sign of what's to come. Make sure you're ready for a fight before you go down the slope on the other side of the bridge.


Wielding a pair of cleavers and armed with fiery breath, the Omenkiller is a powerful opponent early in Elden Ring. He will close on you quickly, either performing swift, simple chops with his cleavers or using his breath to create a carpet of fire in a cone. Both can prove quite painful - and, to make things worse, there are several hounds hidden nearby that will spring into action when the fight begins. Some tips:
  • Snipe the dogs from the slope before you go down to fight the Omenkiller. There are two of them, near the house on the right and one to the Omenkiller's left, and you can easily take them out before putting the Omenkiller on your tail.
  • Don't try to block the Omenkiller's attacks. They do way too much damage to your poise, and will usually leave you vulnerable. Rolling works better. 
  • Don't lose sight of the Omenkiller. His fire attack is quick, and you want to know exactly when it's coming out so you can get out of the way. Getting beside him while he breathes flame will give you a chance to slap him a few times.
  • Use the slope to your advantage. You can hit the Omenkiller a few times, then retreat over the edge to escape his attacks. Once he jumps off to follow you, run back up the slope and hit him a few more times. This is especially useful if you're fighting with a ranged weapon or spells.
  • For that matter, use the bridge to your advantage. Because the Omenkiller fight doesn't take place in an enclosed arena you can retreat to the stone bridge from earlier, firing at the Omenkiller as you go. He will return to his original spot - but retain all the damage he took - once he gets far enough along the bridge. This will allow you to avoid his attacks and get out of the fight if it's not going your way.
  • Call in help. If you spoke to her earlier you'll find Nepheli's summon sign on the slope leading to the Omenkiller. You can also summon in Spirits to do your work. 
You'll receive 4,900 Runes and the Crucible Knot Talisman for defeating the Omenkiller. You'll also put an end to your time in the Village of the Albinaurics. Check the darkened area near the house for a Rune Arc, then teleport elsewhere to continue your journey.