The Witcher 3 Walkthrough

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Ladies and gentlemen, Geralt of Rivia is back! The dour Witcher returns for the successful third instalment of The Witcher gaming series, and this time he's on the trail of Ciri, his youthful former pupil, who herself is the target of some nasty forces. Plenty of political wrangling and supernatural baddies get in Geralt's way, of course, and he needs to cut a swath through all opposition with a combination of swords, sorcery, and charm.

Possibly sorcery-induced charm. Geralt is too husky to be really charming.

One of the most popular games of 2015, The Witcher 3 is a stand-alone and joint experience. If you have saved files from The Witcher 2 on your system you can use them to change certain events in The Witcher 3. They are not, however, prerequisite for playing - or enjoying - the game. (Just be prepared not to know a lot of people whom Geralt seems to recognize immediately. It happens a lot.)

The Witcher 3 has boobs. Be ye fairly warned.

Main Quests

1.) Kaer Morhen
2.) Lilac and Gooseberries
3.) The Beast of White Orchard
4.) Imperial Audience
5.) The Nilfgaardian Connection
6.) Hunting a Witch
7.) Wandering in the Dark
8.) Ladies of the Wood
9.) The Whispering Hillock
10.) Bloody Baron
11.) Family Matters

Side Quests

White Orchard

A Frying Pan, Spick and Span
Missing in Action
On Death's Bed
Precious Cargo
Twisted Firestarter


An Invitation from Keira Metz
A Favor for a Friend
A Towerful of Mice
Bitter Harvest
Blood Ties
Dwarven Document Dilemma, The
Fake Papers
Fall of the House of Reardon, The
Forefathers' Eve
For the Advancement of Learning
Funeral Pyres
Ghosts of the Past
Magic Lamp
Return to Crookback Bog
Truth is in the Stars, The
Volunteer, The


Empty Coop
Out On Your Arse!

Treasure Hunts

White Orchard

Deserter Gold
Dirty Funds
Scavenger Hunt - Viper School Gear


Costly Mistake
Sunken Treasure

Witcher Contracts

White Orchard

Devil by the Well


Jenny o' the Woods
Merry Widow, The
Patrol Gone Missing
Swamp Thing
White Lady, The
Wild at Heart
Woodland Beast


Apiarian Phantom, The
Deadly Delights

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