Endings! An RPG wouldn’t be an RPG without several different endings, and since FNaF World is indeed an RPG, it does, indeed, have an array of endings. There are six legitimate endings to FNaF World as of this writing, and seven if you count one that is… questionable. Six of the seven endings listed below will get you trophies, so it's worth your time to see 'em all.

#1: Old Man Consequences

This ending is the ‘bad’ ending of FNaF World, more or less. You can get it after entering the final subtunnel area, at the end of Pinwheel Funhouse. Enter, head east, take the first northern path to find a warp, and then go through a wall up and on your right in the second layer. This will take you to the third layer of the subtunnel. Follow the path east, then go south through the trees when the pathway is starting to force you north. This takes you to a room you cannot escape. Yay?

#2: Old Man Glitchyquences

The second possible ending is tied to the first. You want to find the fourth subtunnel again, but this time you should not speak to the fisherman. Instead, position yourself north of the pond and start pressing back and forth rapidly. Freddy will sink into the pond. Hold down at this point for a while and, eventually, you’ll get a rather lovely picture. I do not think this is a legit ending, but, hey, it does force a restart.

(Thanks to the internet at large for this one. I wouldn’t have found it on my own, I’m willing to bet. I wouldn’t be surprised, either, if it gets patched out at some point, but for now…)

#3: Normal Ending

Beat the game on Normal. Security will be the final boss, located in Pinwheel Circus, and when you enter the portal beyond Security you’ll hit the ending.

#4: Hard Mode Ending

Beat the game on Hard Mode. After beating Security and entering the portal, as above, you’ll fight the true final boss. Ouchies.

#5: Clock Ending

Ahh, throwback minigames. To trigger this ending you need to speak to Fredbear, the game’s primary NPC, in a particular way whenever you run into him - that is to say, you need to let him exhaust his dialogue options, then not click ‘Done’ at the end of the conversation. Wait long enough and he’ll transform and give you hints on finding a series of clocks. Finding all five clocks and then entering a portal that appears will net you the ending. This guide will help you find all of the clocks.

#6: Chipper's Revenge

Talk about a grudge. The sixth ending is found by defeating a secret boss known as Chipper's Revenge. Chipper is located in Mysterious Mine, tucked away in a tiny niche along the far western wall that's obscured by darkness and reachable only by the northernmost Mine entrance. Open the way to him with the Key, then defeat him for the ending.

#7: Fredbear meets Fredbear

The final ending is the easiest to get, though you need Fredbear in your party to make it happen. Once you’ve recruited Fredbear - he typically shows up in Pinwheel Funhouse - start a new Fixed Party game on a fresh save, and place Fredbear in the first slot of your first party. Start the game and watch the fireworks.