Main Walkthrough

Guide is a work in progress.

No RPG is complete without restorative items, and if you're playing Sea of Stars you won't get any restorative items (most of the time, anyway) if you don't Cook. One of the game's staple mechanics, Cooking in Sea of Stars is simple - and vital.

You'll unlock Cooking early in Sea of Stars. All you need to do is recruit Garl into your party, during your first (arguably second) trip to the Mountain Trail. He'll teach you how to Cook during your first meeting. The process is simple: Inspect a campfire, choose Cook, and pick your Recipe. If you have the proper ingredients on hand you can make the selected dish. There are many ways to pick up ingredients:

  • Forage while exploring
  • Purchase ingredients from Merchants
  • Go Fishing
  • Defeat enemies
  • Receive from NPCs

Each item bestows different effects upon the party, all of which are beneficial. As a backup to healing Skills these items are nigh-indispensible when facing down the many trials of Sea of Stars, particularly its many boss battles. Note that you can only carry ten items total, so you want to pick and choose which items you Cook up carefully.

There are a few items that you can Cook by default. Most, however, are learned via Recipes. You'll need to explore high and low to find all of the Recipes in Sea of Stars. We'll cover their locations below.


There are five Recipes that you know by default once Garl joins the group:
  • Roast Sandwich - 2 Meat, 2 Grains - Restores 60 HP
  • Herbed Filet - 2 Fish, 2 Grains - Restores 50 HP
  • Basic Salad - 2 Lettuce, 1 Tomato, 1 Bell Pepper - Restores 35 HP
  • Tomato Club - 1 Grain, 1 Lettuce, 1 Tomato - Restores 20 HP
  • Berry Jam - 5 Berries - Restores 5 MP
The rest are spread throughout the world of Sea of Stars. This guide will help you track them all down.


Location: Mountain Range
Recipe: 2 Potatoes, 2 Seafood, 1 Dairy
Effect: Restores 8 MP to one ally

Near the top of the Mountain Range, not long after leaving a campfire, you'll find a path surrounded by falling mist. Jump into the mist on the north side of the path, and check the west end of the foggy pit. There's a chest here containing the Recipe.

Mushroom Scramble

Location: Elder Mist Trials
Recipe: 3 Mushrooms, 2 Eggs
Effect: Restores 35 HP and 5 MP to one ally

There are three portals in the Elder Mist Trials with challenges to overcome. Enter the northern portal and climb the tower within. Near the top and on your right is a chest. Jump down to it to find the Recipe.

Mushroom Soup

Location: The Moorlands
Recipe: 6 Mushrooms, 2 Dairy, 1 Bone
Effect: Restores 40 HP to the party

East of the Moorlands' campsite you'll find a small, water-filled cave with a chest on a ledge you can't reach. Leave the cave through its southern exit, climb on top of the rock hill, and look for a hole. Drop inside the hole to land beside the chest, which contains the Recipe.


Location: Port Town of Brisk
Recipe: 3 Potatoes, 2 Onions
Effect: Restores a KOed character to life, with half their full HP

Just east of Brisk's save point, along the southern docks, is a Merchant selling vegetables. She'll sell you this Recipe for 110 gold.

Hearty Stew

Location: Flooded Graveyard
Recipe: 3 Potatoes, 2 Onions, 2 Meat, 1 Grains, 1 Bone
Effect: Restores 90 HP to one ally

In the west of Flooded Graveyard is a building with a green light flooding out its front entrance. Go inside, climb to the roof via the wall in the north, and look for a treasure chest on the west side of the roof. There's a small gap in the nearby wall that allows you to jump back into the building, and you'll land on an upper level. The chest containing the Recipe is on the other end of a pair of wooden beams.

Mooncradle Fish Pie

Location: Haunted Mansion
Recipe: 1 Grains, 2 Eggs, 4 Fish, 2 Potatoes, 1 Onion, 1 Dairy
Effect: Restores 55 HP and 5 MP to the party

This Recipe is in a chest on the east side of the Haunted Mansion's dining room, in the west wing of the building. You'll need to go here as part of the trip through the mansion.


Location: Docarria Village
Recipe: 3 Tomatoes, 2 Onions, 3 Fish, 4 Seafood
Effect: Restores 110 HP and 6 MP to one ally

In the northwest of Docarria Village is a store with two Merchants. The Merchant on the left sells this Recipe for 144 gold.


Location: Town of Mirth
Recipe: 6 APples, 2 Grains, 2 Eggs, 1 Milk, 2 Maple Syrup
Effect: Restores 80 HP and 7 MP to the party

Part of 'completing' Mirth is setting up a shop, complete with a Merchant and her child. Speak to the child and they will sell you this Recipe for 55 gold.


Location: Autumn Hills
Recipe: 4 Berries, 1 Grains, 1 Dairy, 1 Maple Syrup
Effect: Restores a KOed character to life with 75% of their full health

As you head east through Autumn Hills you'll have to go down a watery vortex, which will eventually put you inside an underground cave. The chest containing this Recipe is right on the main path.

Peach Strudel

Location: Cloud Kingdom
Recipe: 3 Peaches, 1 Grains, 2 Eggs, 1 Dairy
Effect: Restores 12 MP to one ally

Check the store in the Cloud Kingdom and you'll find this Recipe on sale for 135 gold. The store is between two giants.


Location: Derelict Factory
Recipe: 9 Fish
Effect: Restores 155 HP to one ally

To enter the Derelict Factory you need to smash through a window on top of the roof. When you land there will be a chest on your right containing the Recipe.

Yakitori Shrimp

Location: Repine
Recipe: 9 Seafood
Effect: Restores 15 MP to one ally

In the northwest of Repine is a shop that sells ingredients. The owner will sell you this Recipe for 90 gold.

Pain Doré

Location: Lost Ones Hamlet
Recipe: 3 Berries, 2 Eggs, 1 Dairy, 3 Grains, 2 Maple Syrup
Effect: Restores 9 MP to the party

On the west side of the Lost Ones Hamlet is a Merchant. It will sell you this Recipe for 99 gold.

Gourmet Burger

Location: Lost Ones Hamlet
Recipe: 1 Lettuce, 1 Tomato, 1 Onion, 3 Meat, 2 Mushrooms, 2 Grains, 2 Dairy
Effect: Restores 175 HP and 7 MP to one ally

The same Merchant that sold you the Recipe for Pain Doré also has this Recipe. It sells for 144 gold.

Champion Omelette

Location: Sacrosanct Spires
Recipe: 3 Bell Peppers, 3 Tomatoes, 2 Onions, 5 Eggs
Effect: Restores 255 HP to one ally

Make your way to the second section of Sacrosanct Spires, where you need to roll a ball through some holes and drop it to the lowest floor. Once you've activated the wined tunnel that takes you to the top of this area - effectively ending a prolonged puzzle - you can drop through a hole on the east side of the second floor. This takes you to a lower chamber with enemies. The nearby chest contains the Recipe.

Surf and Turf Tataki (appears as Tataki)

Location: Sky Base
Recipe: 6 Fish, 6 Seafood, 6 Meat
Effect: Restores 135 HP and 8 MP to the party

Proceed through Sky Base until you're on the third floor. In the room with the final campsite and save point is a vending machine that sells this Recipe for 135 gold.


Location: Fleshmancer's Lair
Recipe: 6 Tomatoes, 3 Onions, 4 Meat, 5 Grains, 3 Dairy
Effect: Restores 180 HP to the party

Proceed through the Fleshmancer's Lair until you've defeated the Phase Reaper. In the next area to the north you'll find a merchant (the guy to the right of the orange teleporter) who will sell you this Recipe for 99 gold.


Location: Fleshmancer's Lair
Recipe: 4 Potatoes, 3 Onions, 6 Meat, 2 Grains, 4 Bones
Effect: Fully restores HP and MP to one ally

The same merchant who sells you Lasagna also has this Recipe, for 144 gold.


Location: Docarria Village
Recipe: 4 Potatoes, 3 Dairy, 2 Bones
Effect: Restores a KOed character to life with full health

In the northeast of Docarria Village is a Docarri child named Mirna. Mirna has a deep craving for Rainbow Conches, and will give you rewards for turning them in. Give Mirna 35 Rainbow Conches to receive this Recipe.

Pudding Chômeur

Location: Docarria Village
Recipe: 3 Grains, 2 Dairy, 2 Maple Syrup
Effect: Fully restores MP to one ally

Mirna will also give you this Recipe, though this time you need to turn in 47 Rainbow Conches.

Legendary Feast

Location: Port Town of Brisk
Recipe: 5 Meat, 3 Potatoes, 2 Onions, 5 Fish, 5 Seafood, 3 Tomatoes, 2 Bones, 3 Dairy
Effect: Fully restores HP and MP to the party

This Recipe is earned by attending a meal at the Golden Pelican, in the northwest of Brisk. This is a post-game event that requires a substantial amount of groundwork to achieve.