Part 2: Forbidden Cavern

Main Walkthrough

You've almost caught up with the storyline. After leaving the Forbidden Cavern you'll have three new spots you can visit:

  • First is Sunglow Lake, to the northwest of the Forbidden Cavern. This is your first Fishing spot in the game. We discuss Fishing in another section of the guide. There's a Merchant here who will sell you Squire Swords and Copper Staffs, both of which are upgrades for your fighters.
  • Next, to the east, is the Mountain Trail where the game began. We'll get there in a moment.
  • Last, also to the east, is a Solstice Shrine. It is currently locked. We'll be back.

Mountain Trail - Enemies
  • Luslug - 15 HP
  • Rochèvre - 65 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
  • Wanderer - 39 HP - Weak to Blunt, Sword

Aaaand we're all caught up. The story jumps back to the campfire where you left off, and almost immediately Valere and Zale will be joined by Garl, their childhood buddy. Garl is another party member, specializing in physical moves with a dash of healing thrown in. Garl can use Blunt attacks, and will come in very handy.

Garl also brings with him a new specialization: Cooking. Whenever you find a campfire and set up for the night you can opt to create dishes with the ingredients you've gathered. Check the two bushes near the campfire for Berries, then Cook at the campfire and create some Berry Jam. Cooked items are your primary source of healing outside Skills, so always make sure you have some on hand. Note, however, that you can only carry ten restorative items at any one time. You'll find more Recipes to prepare as you advance through the game.

Speak to Garl to pack up for the night, starting up again the next morning. North of the campsite you'll find a save point, a wall to scale, and a cave. Poke your head in the cave and you'll find some Luslugs guarding a series of ledges. Climb the ledges after beating the monsters and you'll find a chest containing an Abacus at the top. The Abacus is an accessory that displays non-boss HP when worn, making it quite handy if you want exact numbers.

Head back outside and climb the wall. At the top and on your left, through a dense cluster of trees and rocks, is a chest containing Basic Armor for Valere or Zale. At the top of the climbing wall and on your right is a rope ladder to unfurl, leading down to Grains and Potatoes, as well as another rope ladder that creates a shortcut to an earlier section of the Mountain Trail. 

Head north of the clearing at the top of the scaling wall to find a bridge, though when you try to cross you'll be ambushed by a pair of Rochèvre. Wipe them out and cross the bridge to find stairs on the other side. Keep an eye on your right as you climb down the stairs, as there's a little ledge next to the stairs that you can jump onto. There are Tomatoes and Bell Peppers growing on the ledge.

Follow the path east and you'll find some Lettuce growing by unstable ground. You'll keep knocking out ground as you continue east, though there's no need to fear. Climb north at the far east end of the cliffs, then start to make your way back west once you're on higher ground. Some Wanderers will get in your way, though they're pushovers when it comes to physical attacks. 

Knock down the rope ladder next to the Wanderers and climb north. Head east until you see a bridge. Hop down a ledge on your right to find some Bell Peppers, then cross the bridge and enter the cave on the other side. Inside is a campfire, a save point, and a Merchant with some basic provisions.

Climb the wall to the right of the campfire to continue the journey. At the top you'll be back outside, with enemies waiting. Wipe them out, then check the edge of the southern cliffs. You'll see a cave below. Drop down and enter. Inside you'll find several Luslugs on the other side of a tightrope. Check the base of the platform where you fought the Luslugs, on the east side of this little cave, to find a chest containing two Shiny Pearls. Then head back the way you came in and climb up the cliff on your left.

Head west. There's a wall of mist falling behind the path, and you can jump down into it. Check on your left to find a partially-obscured chest containing Recipe: Chaudrée. Climb back to the main path and continue west to run into a Rochèvre. Cross the top of the misty falls, heading east, and you'll find two Wanderers and another Rochèvre to battle. There's a rope ladder near this little clearing that will take you back to the campfire from earlier, if you need a break.

Hop west of the clearing, dipping into the mist below as necessary, to find a climbing wall. Check the next landing for Lettuce, then keep climbing north. On the other side of a tightrope you'll run afoul of another Rochèvre. Knock down the rope ladder to the right of the Rochèvre for another shortcut, then check to the north. There's a cave on your left that is currently useless - though not forever - and a climbing wall leading to the top of the Mountain Trail.

Atop the summit of the Mountain Trail you'll meet the Elder Mist, a friendly spirit with a challenge for the young warriors. (And, yes, even Garl will get to participate.) Onward!

Return Trip

Return to the bottom of the Mountain Trail once you have the Graplou. Head down the eastern path from the entrance and you'll eventually spot a grappling log on your right, just after crossing a rope bridge. Grapple across to the east to find a chest containing a Rainbow Conch.

Part 4: Elder Mist Trials

Main Walkthrough