The central hub of all non-combat activity in Cassette Beasts, Harbourtown is your home away from home. Located in southern New Wirral, Harbourtown serves as the starting point for all of your ventures into the wider world, as well as a safe harbour when your team is hurting and you need a break. You'll visit and revisit Harbourtown more than any other location in New Wirral, virtually guaranteed.

Harbourtown is split into two halves. The primary section is simply named Harbourtown, and you'll have access to this area from the start. The other half, West Harbourtown, is on the other side of a bridge that is raised when you begin a new game of Cassette Beasts. To reach the buttons that lower the bridge you'll need to find a way to reach West Harbourtown. Swimming over is the quickest method.

This guide provides a breakdown of the most important things found in Harbourtown. That said, Harbourtown also provides a significant number of sightseeing opportunities, and is worth exploring:
  • Most of your partners have homes in Harbourtown, most of them down on the docks. You'll visit their homes as part of quests, as well as relationship-based cut scenes. Viola and Barkley are the only partners who don't have homes.
  • A few buildings in Harbourtown don't seem to serve an immediate purpose when entered. These are usually the setting for conversation-based quests.
  • The other houses of Harbourtown contain NPCs and books that provide general information about the game, as well as tidbits of lore regarding New Wirral. It's worth your time to explore each home thoroughly.

Gramophone Café

Undoubtedly the location you'll visit most often in Harbourtown is the Gramophone Café, which is located southeast of Town Hall. You can use the bottom-left table in the café to rest, which restores the health of your active Tapes, repairs any broken Tapes, allows you to swap the Tapes in your party, Remasters any monsters that are ready to transform, and triggers conversations with your partner. The café serves the same purpose as a campsite, in other words, though you don't need to use up Wood when resting here.

Your primary vendor in Harbourtown is Clémence, the owner of the Gramophone Café. Clémence stocks Rewings, Respools, Pear Fusillis, and Tapes, as well as a range of other useful items. You should almost always restock at Clémence when you warp back to the Gramophone Café. You can expand Clémence's selection of coffee by purchasing Additional Coffee Stock from Wilma in Town Hall. 

In addition to the starting functions of the Gramophone Café, this is the place where your various partners will hang out when they're not in the party. You can swap between partners by speaking to them in the café. Occasionally when you enter the café you'll catch cut scenes between inactive party members.

Town Hall

Aside from the Gramophone Café, Town Hall is the location where you'll spend the most time in Harbourtown. It's located in the center of eastern Harbourtown, and serves as the headquarters for the Rangers.

  • Once you begin Take Me On you'll find Ianthe, head of the Rangers, in Town Hall. She provides tidbits of information regarding New Wirral, and you'll occasionally need to report in to her as part of quests.
  • Standing behind the front desk of Town Hall is Wilma, a vendor who only accepts Fused Material as payment. Wilma provides a wide range of upgrades to your equipment stores, capture capabilities, and the available items of the vendors in Harbourtown, among other things. Wilma's stock expands as you complete quests, particularly defeating Ranger Captains in Take Me On.
  • There's a vending machine to the right of Wilma in Town Hall. This dispenses 'packs' of Stickers that you can purchase in exchange for Metal. The Stickers you receive are randomized, though they're occasionally Uncommon or Rare, bestowing additional effects when equipped.
  • On the upper floor of the east side of Town Hall you'll find Hoylake, a Ranger researcher. When you first meet Hoylake he'll give you the quest On The Hunt. Complete Hoylake's tasks and he'll thereafter keep track of the number of monsters you've Recorded. Each time you Record an additional ten monsters in your Bestiary Hoylake will provide you with a bundle of useful items.
  • On the west side of Town Hall is Ranger Jim. If you purchase a Gym Pass from Wilma you can use Jim to adjust the base stats of your avatar, which affects the stats of every monster form your character takes. You can purchase Extra Gym Points to allocate to your stats from Wilma. Note that you cannot adjust the base stats of your partners.
Once you defeat a Ranger Captain in the field there is a chance you'll see them speaking to Ianthe when you enter Town Hall.

Harbourtown Hospital

One of the first places you'll visit in Harbourtown is Harbourtown Hospital, which is run by Doctor Pensby. The hospital is located on the docks in eastern Harbourtown, southwest of Town Hall. If your characters are ever defeated in battle you'll immediately be warped to the hospital and restored to full health, albeit at the cost of some of your basic materials.

Pensby serves as a vendor, and in addition to restorative items she sells Cures for a variety of status ailments. If you purchase Additional Cure Stock from Wilma at Town Hall Pensby's stock will grow. 

Sticker Vendors

There are three vendor stalls to the southwest of Town Hall that sell Stickers, though you'll need to complete the side quest A Little Inspiration to get the middle stall up and running again. The stock available to these vendors changes each day, and if you purchase Additional Sticker Stock from Wilma in Town Hall they'll have more Stickers available. Each vendor specializes in a different kind of Sticker:
  • The vendor on the left sells Offensive Stickers, which are moves that specialize in dealing damage.
  • The vendor in the middle sells Passive Stickers, which activate automatically at the beginning of a battle.
  • The vendor on the right sells Support Stickers, which confer a wide variety of buffs and debuffs during combat, without directly inflicting damage.
In addition to these three vendors in eastern Harbourtown you can find two more Sticker vendors inside a building in West Harbourtown, up the stairs next to Eugene's home. They specialize in Stickers that change the type of your monster form, as well as 'formless' Stickers that change type based on the type of your monster.


Once you complete the quest Rumour Has It you'll unlock Harbourtown as a consistent source of information. The unnamed NPCs of Harbourtown will hereafter randomly have rumours to share with you, denoted by the large question marks over their heads. Rumours can point you in a number of different directions:
  • Rumours will often put you on the trail of main story objectives, such as the locations of undiscovered train stations or the approximate posts of Ranger Captains.
  • Rumours can alert you to the locations of undiscovered monster forms, as well as swarms of particular monsters.
  • Once you've come across any single-appearance monsters in the field you can find them again via rumours. This includes Kuneko, Averevoir, Glaistain, and Miss Mimic.
Rumours are tracked in the Quest Log. If you've encountered a rumour before and already know what it means - for example, you hear about a Miss Mimic sighting - it will go straight into your Side Quests listing instead.

Ranger Noticeboard

Once you complete the first half of Take Me On - which requires defeating all of the Ranger Captains in combat, as well as Ianthe - you'll gain access to the Ranger Noticeboard. Located outside Town Hall, the noticeboard serves as an additional source of small quests, similar to rumours. You need to complete all of the available quests listed on the noticeboard to receive a fresh batch.

As you collect more Fused Material you'll level up the Ranger Noticeboard. This will unlock new, more lucrative quests to undertake, as well as a few non-generic tasks related to specific NPCs.


  • Check Kayleigh's House, by the water in the southeast of Harbourtown. There's a chest in the left corner containing a Sonic Boom Sticker and some materials.
  • In the northeast of Harbourtown, on the upper tier of houses, you'll see a chest atop one of the homes. You can jump and glide from roof to roof, starting in the east, to get to the chest. It contains a Ritual Sticker and a bunch of materials.
  • On the east side of Harbourtown you'll see a water pipe feeding water into the ocean surrounding New Wirral. If you hop down onto the top of the pipe (likely from Harbourtown Station) you can glide into the opening. Inside is a rock you can smash with Bulletino Dash, revealing a chest. Open it to encounter a Terrarateer Rogue Fusion. Defeat this level 28 enemy to receive Fused Material, a Nurse Sticker, and a bunch of crafting materials.
  • In the northeastern home in West Harbourtown is a man with a green-coloured Traffikrab. Speak to him and he'll explain the concept of Bootleg monsters. He'll give you a Plant-type Faucetear as an example.
  • In the west of West Harbourtown is a building with three rooms inside. Check the room on the right to find a chest containing an Ice Breaker Sticker and a Basic Tape.

Piper Farm Bridge

On the far west end of West Harbourtown you'll find a short grassy area with some unremarkable monsters and one NPC battle. This path leads to Piper Farm, a small settlement to the west that is currently blocked to you, thanks to another raised bridge. You'll need to go all the way around the map from Harbourtown in a counterclockwise direction, until you reach The Marshes, to find the other side of the bridge. Defeat the Rogue Fusion that's keeping the bridge raised to lower it and create a path back to Harbourtown.

If you jump into the water south of the bridge to Piper Farm you'll find Captain Skip, one of the Ranger Captain that you need to defeat as part of Take Me On.


Location: Outside West Harbourtown, near the bridge to Piper Farm
  • Springheel - Beast-type (Landkeeper #1)
  • Springheel - Beast-type (Landkeeper #2)