Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Coaldron - Earth-type - Uncommon (Mt. Wirral Caves)
  • Cryoshear - Ice-type - Uncommon (Mt. Wirral Caves)
  • Dandylion - Plant-type - Near caves
  • Icepeck - Ice-type - Common
  • Mothmanic - Lightning-type - Uncommon (Mt. Wirral Caves)
  • Ratcousel - Beast-type - Rare (Mt. Wirral Caves)
  • Sparktan - Lightning-type - Uncommon
  • Spooki-onna - Ice-type - Common
  • Terracooka - Earth-type - Common (Mt. Wirral Caves)
  • Zeustrike - Lightning-type - Rare (Mt. Wirral Caves)

A frosty peak that is inaccessible for much of Cassette Beasts, Mt. Wirral is likely to be one of the last places you visit while exploring New Wirral. The enemies here are high-level and dangerous, and the bonfire is far enough up the mountain that you can't count on its healing services to get you through. Don't expect to make much progress up Mt. Wirral until you're level 50 or higher.

Mt. Wirral is located in the northwest of New Wirral, next to Lakeside and Cherry Meadow. You'll rub up against the peaks of it early, though you won't be able to climb into the area until you've learned Pumpkin Vine Ball. To do this you'll need to travel to Piper Farm, through The Marshes to the south of Mt. Wirral. 

Important Locations

  • Mt. Wirral's bonfire is located about halfway up Mt. Wirral, near the primary entrance to Mt. Wirral Caves.
  • At the base of Mt. Wirral you'll find Barkley, a partner-in-waiting, who will join your party once you learn Pumpkin Vine Ball. His personal quest, Come Back And Stay, will take you to a cave partway up the mountain, where you'll find an Averevoir.
  • East of the bonfire is a button. Trigger it to activate a moving platform that will take you down to Codey, one of twelve Ranger Captains that you need to fight.
  • If you jump off of the western-most cliffs of Mt. Wirral you can fly west to find an airborne island called Brokenhead. Here you can challenge an extra Archangel.
  • At the tip-top of Mt. Wirral you'll find the entrance to Icelington Station. You'll need to make your way through Mt. Wirral Caves to reach the station.


  • Inside the cave where you battle the Averevoir is a rocky spire. Climb to the top using Pumpkin Vine Ball and Averevoir Flight to find a chest. The chest contains Fused Material, a Crossfade Sticker, a Basic Tape, and some materials.
  • If you check the cliffs surrounding the cave where you fight the Averevoir you'll find a chest above the entrance. The chest contains a Frozen Ground Sticker, Wood, and Pulp.
  • In the west of Mt. Wirral you'll find a series of moveable platforms that will take you further up. South of the lifts is a button that will open a chest partway up the cliff. The chest contains an Ice Resistance Sticker and some materials. Continue to climb these cliffs and you'll find a chest on a moving platforming that contains a Bone Cannon Sticker, a Basic Tape, and Plastic.
  • If you drop off of the western-most cliff on Mt. Wirral's upper half you'll find a thin ledge with a chest. The chest contains a Jagged Edge Sticker, Wood, and Pulp. South of the chest is a lever that activates a platform to return to the top of the cliff. 
  • Drop off the cliffs to the east of Mt. Wirral's bonfire and you'll see a stream to the north. If you check the origin point of the stream, beneath the cliff, you'll find a chest containing an Ice Breaker Sticker, Pulp, and Wood.
  • On the border between Mt. Wirral and 'Ham' is a tiny ledge with a chest. You can drop down onto it from Mt. Wirral. The chest contains a Plastic Coating Sticker and some materials.
  • There's a lower section of Mt. Wirral Caves, accessible either by dropping down a cliff or via a waterfall on the east side of Mt. Wirral. Down here is a chest containing a Fire- and Lightning-type Rogue Fusion. Defeat it to receive Fused Material, a Silicon Slash Sticker, an Ice-IX Tape, and Pulp.
  • Partway through Mt. Wirral Caves you'll need to use wind currents to climb cliffs. West of the first cliff is a button that will raise a bridge on the other side of a chasm. Near the bridge is a chest containing a battle with an Ice-type Rogue Fusion. The chest contains Fused Material, an Elemental Coating Sticker, a Basic Tape, and some materials.
(There's also a locked chest on the east side of Mt. Wirral's lower area. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to open it. Once I puzzle it out I'll edit the contents into this guide.)

NPC Battlers


Location: Southeast area of Mt. Wirral, near a button / lift leading down to Lakeside
  • Pyromeleon - Fire-type (Landkeeper)
  • Artillerex - Fire-type (Landkeeper)
  • Sparktan - Lightning-type

Location: West of the bonfire halfway up Mt. Wirral
  • Mothmanic - Lightning-type (Traveller)
  • Draculeaf - Plant-type (Traveller)
  • Icepeck - Ice-type

Location: Northwest of Mt. Wirral, west of the bonfire
  • Cryoshear - Ice-type

Location: In a small canyon just west of 'Ham', on the east side of Mt. Wirral
  • Cryoshear - Ice-type