Recommended Level: 10+
Unlocked: Complete This Is The World We Live In
Unlocks: Passive Sticker Merchant, Fused Material

In order to trigger A Little Inspiration you need to first complete the introductory section of Cassette Beasts, as well as unlock the larger world. Once you do, head to the Gramophone CafĂ© in Harbourtown and check a ways to the west. There are three vendor stalls... but one of them is empty. Check the stall in the middle and you'll find a note from the merchant, who instructs anyone who finds it to check a nearby cave if they aren't back by 'noon tomorrow'. 

Better go looking. To reach the cave you need to reach New Wirral Park, to the northeast of Harbourtown. Return to the spot where you fought the Dominoth and learned about Recording in the Harbourtown Outskirts. Near the switch that brought the Dominoth over is a dirt pit, and you can hop from a platform on your left and glide north to reach the entrance to New Wirral Park.

Head east from the entrance to New Wirral Park and you'll find a cave doorway that is blocked by bars, and surrounded by four red buttons. Each time you step on a button it lights up, but the light fades quickly when you step off. To open the door into the cave you need to press all four buttons simultaneously. You can do this by placing rocks on the buttons. The rocks you need are in the following places:
  • To the left of the cave entrance
  • To the right of the cave entrance
  • To the northeast of the cave entrance - this one is guarded by a Cultist with a Macabra, so be ready to fight
Stand on the fourth button yourself to open the door to the cave.

New Wirral Park Caves

Cassette Beasts
  • Carniviper - Poison-type - Common
  • Dominoth - Air-type - Uncommon
  • Elfless - Ice-type - Rare
  • Puppercut - Metal-type - Only one
  • Southpaw - Metal-type - Only two
  • Squirey - Beast-type - Common
This little cave is a bit of a puzzle as far as navigation goes. Start by hopping your way to the northeast. There's a square-shaped platform with a circle in the middle of it, and you can use it to glide to another platform to the south. This second platform will allow you to get at a third, larger platform to the east. At the north end of this larger platform is a green button that will activate a lift by the entrance.

Glide back to the main area of the cave and hop on the lift. It will bring you to the top of some cliffs. If you glide southeast of the cliffs you can land beside a chest containing a Bite Sticker, Wheat, and a Snakeskin Tape. Glide west of the cliffs and you'll find another button. This one will raise a bridge leading north of the cliff.

North of the cliff you'll see a man who has been cornered by Cassette Beasts, but there's no obvious way to reach him. Start by looking along the southern edge of these cliffs, where you'll see a gap between two sections of fence. You can drop through the fence to land on a block and break it. Behind the block is a chest containing a Shield Bash Sticker and a Basic Tape.

Check on the east side of the clearing and you'll see more platforms. Glide over and you'll discover a third green button. Press it to create a path up to the trapped man. Here you'll run into a new game mechanic.

Rogue Fusions

Occasionally while exploring Cassette Beasts you'll come across two monsters that will use the Fusion mechanic to merge and challenge you. These are known as Rogue Fusions, and similar to the Fusion forms of your own party members they are more powerful than the average monster. Rogue Fusions may also be accompanied by other monsters. They appear on the map as red-eyed, blackened figures on the map, and if you're in a weakened state you should usually avoid them.

Fortunately, the opponents you're fighting here aren't a huge deal. Both the Hyper Southpaw and the Puppercut are Metal-types, so as long as you avoid Poison-type moves you should be okay. Fire-type moves, and a Pombomb in general, will get you through the fight pretty easily. A Traffikrab with Inflame can also dish out quite a bit of damage. The Hyper Southpaw will change into two Southpaws when defeated, so don't assume the battle's over when it runs out of HP.

Defeat the Southpaws and the guy will draw some inspiration from the experience, then return to Harbourtown. The guy serves as the Passive Sticker Merchant, and the Stickers he sells all bestow effects at the beginning of battles. Very handy. Quest complete!