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For all its similarities to Pokémon, Cassette Beasts has a number of important differences that set it apart as a game. One of the more striking changes is the concept of Remastering. Playing a similar role to evolution in Pokémon, Remastering allows you to transform - and strengthen - your monster forms. Most monster forms can be Remastered, and it is absolutely worth doing.

This guide will cover the ins and outs of Remastering your monsters in Cassette Beasts. You'll get the hang of it quickly, though there are a few nuances worth noting if you want a complete set of 120 different monster forms in your Bestiary. We'll start with the absolute basics of Remastering.

How to Remaster Your Monsters

Whenever your team wins a battle they will gain experience. There are two forms of experience in Cassette Beasts:

  • Your character gains experience. Gain enough and they will go up a level. Every form that character takes will be at that level.
  • The Tapes in your active party will gain experience, tracked by a blue bar beneath the monster's name on the Party screen. Whenever the form gains a level it will learn a new move.

In addition to learning a move the monster will receive a star on their Tape in the party screen. Once the monster reaches five stars you can Remaster it into a different form, assuming the monster can be transformed.

Remastering takes place whenever your party stops to rest for the night, whether sitting at a bonfire in the field or at a table in the Gramophone Café. Before you regain control of the party you'll be given the option to Remaster any eligible monsters. The monster must be in your party for this option to appear.

Although Remastering is always done via resting, there are occasionally additional criteria for transforming your monsters.

Remastering Methods

Remastering Via Levels

The majority of monster forms are Remastered by simply reaching five stars. Once this is done you can rest and transform the monster into a new form. If a monster's name is not included somewhere in this document, assume that it is Remastered through star levels alone. (Or the form can't be Remastered at all. It happens.)

Remastering Via Text

Several monsters have branching evolutionary paths that you can take, and when you try to Remaster the monster you'll be asked to choose between two options. You can't backtrack from this choice, so choose wisely. The monsters whose transformations you can choose are as follows:

  • Springheel - Hopskin ('Vagabond')
  • Springheel - Snoopin ('Thief')
  • Masquerattle - Jormungold ('Ruthlessness')
  • Masquerattle - Mardiusa ('Elegance')
  • Traffikrab - Weevilite ('Ranged Attack')
  • Traffikrab - Lobstacle ('Melee Defense')
  • Candevil - Malchemy ('Alchemy')
  • Candevil - Vendemon ('Machinery')
  • Bansheep - Wooltergeist ('Ascend to the Afterlife')
  • Bansheep - Zombleat ('Return to the Earth')
  • Squirey - Manispear ('Victory')
  • Squirey - Palangolin ('Honour')
  • Skelevangelist - Kingrave ('Melee attack')
  • Skelevangelist - Queenyx ('Speed')

Remastering by Time of Day

A few monsters transform based on the time of day you choose to initiate the Remaster. Note that it is the time you begin the Remaster that matters to the transformation, not the time it will be when you're done resting. The monsters whose transformations vary based on the time are as follows:
  • Dominoth - Wingloom (night)
  • Dominoth - Tokusect (day)
  • Jumpkin - Beanstalker (day)
  • Jumpkin - Draculeaf (night)

Remastering by Sticker

Several monsters transform based on the Stickers they have equipped. If you have a Sticker that triggers a particular transformation it will override any other transformations during the Remaster process, and you won't get to choose between the transformations, so check a form's moves before you initiate the Remaster. The monsters whose transformations change based on their equipped Stickers are as follows:
  • Masquerattle - Aeroboros (Zephyr Sticker)
  • Velocirifle - Gearyu (Gear Shear Sticker)
  • Allseer - Khufo (Close Encounter Sticker)
  • Elfless - Faerious (Toy Hammer Sticker)

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