Part 28: Recruiting Brook - Waford

Main Walkthrough

With Brook on the team the Straw Hats are, once again, a complete crew. (Unless you're caught up on reading the manga, in which case they're missing... well, never mind, that's a spoiler.) Brook is well behind everyone else in power, though, and could use some items, upgrades, and levels. You could head to earlier areas to beef him up... or you could go to Marineford.

The last time you made a trip to Marineford it was quite brief, and you were given no space to explore. If you go back from Chapter 7 onward, however, you'll find that Marineford is a town. There's not a ton to explore - it's no Alabasta or Water Seven - but you should check out Marineford before proceeding with the main story nevertheless. There's a lot packed into this area.

Town Outskirts

You'll start out on the Town Outskirts. It's a simple north-south street on the east side of Marineford.

  • In a barrel / crate near the save point you'll find a Wootz Steel Bolt. This is the first time you can find one of these in One Piece Odyssey, and you'll use them to build bridges with Franky.
  • On the right side of the street, north of the save point and the Memoria Cube where you start out, is a locked red chest. You still can't open these, but it's worth knowing this thing is here for the future.
  • North of the save point you'll find a man with green hair. Speak to him to trigger the Side Story A Prisoner's Desire.

Crumbled Ground

North of Town Outskirts is Crumbled Ground. It's a small, grassy, tree-filled area with a nice waterfall.

  • Look in the bushes to the left of the entrance to Crumbled Ground. You'll find a hidden container with a Wootz Steel Bolt inside.
  • Run through Crumbled Ground with Sanji in the lead and he'll spot two Sazae Kancho Livers beside the swampy pond on your right.
In the north of Crumbled Ground is a broken bridge. If you picked up the Wootz Steel Bolts from earlier in Marineford - and have plenty of Junk, which is likely if you pick up random items on a regular basis, though you can also find it in most of the crates in Marineford - Franky can build a new bridge. You must do this to proceed any further into Marineford. 

Sitting on the other side of the bridge is a chest containing a Dogol Dragon's Chilled Pasta, and if you check behind the trees on the right you'll find three Usopp's Cube Fragments and three Chopper's Cube Fragments. Also here are stairs leading to the next section of Marineford. Check to the left of the stairs for a Walrus Ice Shell, inside a box Zoro can open.

Gunpowder Storehouse

The Gunpowder Storehouse is found at the top of the stairs beyond Crumbled Ground. This area consists of a single, strong door that Zoro can slice through when you fully upgrade his Door Slice Skill. Inside are steel boxes containing a Gator Banana, a Large Jura Bird Egg, Gator Durian, and a Bo Bo Bird Egg, as well as chests containing Dogol Dragon's Chilled Pasta and Fruit Gator Punch.

North Town

South of the Gunpowder Storehouse is North Town. It's another street with a lower and an upper section.

  • There are stairs on the right side of North Town as you walk south. Go up the first set, then look to the north to find a box for Zoro to slice open. Inside are five Orb Onions.
  • At the top of the second set of stairs from the main street of North Town, and on your right, you'll find two Sazae Kancho Ogre Livers if you put Sanji in charge.
  • If you fully climb the stairs along the left side of North Town you'll find a balcony overlooking Marineford. Approaching it will trigger a cut scene that provides a bit of catharsis to Luffy. It also earns him the Gum-Gum Red Hawk (Plus) Skill, and completes the Objective Look Down on the Battlefield from Marineford's Hill, earning you an additional Super Burst Brew.
  • Swap to Nami after watching the aforementioned cut scene and you'll find 600,000 Berries sitting on the ground. To the west of where you watched the cut scene you can find a box for Zoro to open containing two Smoke Scales. Sanji can find two Volcano Dragon Tails sitting near the box.
  • On the left side of the street as you head south you'll see a man tending to his flowers. Nami can find 150,000 Berries on the ground beside him.
  • There are two sets of stairs in the south of North Street. On the short stretch of street between the stairs Nami can find 200,000 Berries, near a woman. Just north of the woman is a Gator Melon, inside a box Zoro can open. If you check the right side of the upper set of stairs you'll find three Sanji's Cube Fragments and three Luffy's Cube Fragments.

South Town

South Town is south of North Town. Go figure.

  • When you first enter South Town you'll find an intersection. On your right is a steel box for Zoro to open containing a Gator Watermelon.
  • South of the intersection is a small plaza with a fountain in the middle. Speak to the pink-haired lady here - assuming you've completed other, similar quests involving her - for the Grand Line Quiz Madam Side Story. Check along the north side of the plaza for three Sanji's Cube Fragments and three Zoro's Cube Fragments, then put Nami in charge to find 160,000 Berries beside a table to the south of the fountain.
  • Walk west through South Town, keeping an eye on your left. Sanji can find two Shock Kabuto Meats beside a market stall.
  • At the end of the western street you'll hit a dead end that has been crushed by debris. Check the right side of the street for a Zoro box containing a Gator Strawberry. Chopper can slip through the debris to the right to find a familiar-looking bicycle, as well as three Robin's Cube Fragments and three Franky's Cube Fragments. About time Franky got some love.
  • Head south from the intersection. Sanji can find two Electric Dragon Meats on the right side of the road, again beside a vendor's stall. Across the street from the stall is a box for Zoro to open containing three Inverse Horns.
  • At the far south end of South Town, just before you enter the clearing filled with debris, you'll spot a westbound walkway on your right. Go down it and you'll find a Yaya Cube in a crate along your right side. At the far end is a chest containing a Remedy Brew, as well as three Usopp's Cube Fragments and three Franky's Cube Fragments.
  • Also at the south end of South Town is an eastbound walkway on your left. At the end of it is a Frayed Memory. Trigger it to begin the Memory Link Price of Betrayal.

Ox Bell Plaza

Your final stop in Marineford, Ox Bell Plaza is located in the southwest of town, past South Town. It's just a big clearing that was thoroughly trashed by the war between the pirates and the marines.
  • On the west side of the plaza is the Ox Bell itself. Look behind it to find a chest containing 210,000 Berries. Speak to the man sitting in front of the bell to begin the For Whom the Bell Tolls Side Story.
  • North of the Ox Bell are several barrels, as well as a box for Zoro. Inside the box are two Nimbus Spiders.
  • South of the Ox Bell is a big chunk of concrete with a man on top. Behind it is a box for Zoro to open containing two Static Skipjacks.
  • South of the entrance to Ox Bell Plaza is a man in a striped shirt. Near him is a pot to bust containing a Yaya Cube.
  • On the east side of the plaza is a chest containing a Super Burst Brew. Near the chest you'll find a barrel containing a Yaya Cube. South of the chest, near what little remains of a house, Nami can find 210,000 Berries.
And that... is... everything! The main story won't be bringing you back to Marineford, so make sure you have a good, long look around to ensure that you've found everything. Once you're done, head back to Waford and check in with Lim. Onward, to the plot!

Main Walkthrough